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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 125

The rest of the aunts saw that the parties were gone and scattered.

I stepped back and kept a certain distance from Ji Qingxuan. Looking at him, I said, "Mr. Ji, thank you for being so kind to me. In the future, you will be my brother-in-law and my boss. Let's not have any more private interactions."

When I finished, I went out.

I didn't hear Ji Qingxuan's footsteps behind me.

Some empty heart firmly, the answer also know that this is the best.

The most despairing is the stagnant water.

I just got to the door of the hospital. I was taking a taxi, and an arm stretched out across my face.

I looked down and saw the man with the pink diamond necklace in his hand.

It was a birthday present from him.

My heart slightly smoked ache for a while, just say, "Ji total, this need not."

"Take it." Ji Qingxuan just said two words, and then the necklace rudely into my hand.

This is the first time I've seen this necklace in the daytime.

Golden sunset and pink

"Mr. Ji, is there anything else?" I looked up at Ji Qingxuan, let his voice as far as possible appear alienated.

The man held me in one hand and took a necklace out of his pants pocket in the other.

It's daylight now, and for the first time I've really seen this necklace.

In the golden setting sun, this necklace is shining with bright light. Especially the pink heart-shaped diamond at the front.

It looks so flawless, covetous and admirable.

However, it and I do not belong to the same class, one world.

Just like Ji Qingxuan.

I just looked at it and wanted to return the necklace to the man. "Sorry, Mr. Ji, it's too expensive for me."

"There's no reason to take back what I send out."

Ji Qingxuan grabs me with one hand, and inserts the other hand into his pants pocket immediately. He doesn't plan to pick me up at all.

I insisted on returning, "Mr. Ji, you might as well give it to Qin Jiameng. Even if she knows you gave it to me, I think she will accept it happily."

"This is for you."

Said the man.

It's a little cold.

"But I don't like it at all."

"If you don't like it, throw it away."

Ji Qingxuan finished this sentence, finally let me go, turned to leave.

I look at the man's back.

I can't say the sour and astringent in my heart.

It's like a farewell.

This necklace is the best witness of farewell.

When I got home, I found a towel to wrap the necklace, then I took a bag and put it in the top of the wardrobe.

I know I may never wear this necklace again.


Qin CI has been in a coma. The next day I came after work. When I got to the hospital, I saw some policemen standing there.

When one of them saw me, he came directly to me and said, "did you say Qin Jiaqi? We have a few questions for you about Ms. Qin CI. "

The police are straight to the point.

I've seen this kind of scene too many times, and I'm not surprised. I nodded calmly, "OK."

The police began to ask about Qin Jiameng's jumping off the building and the day of Qin Ci's operation.

I answered them one by one.

At first, it was nothing. Later, the police asked me, "did you see Qin Ci's chief surgeon, Dr. Peng Xinzheng, before the day of the operation?"

"No I answered.

Hearing my answer, the policeman asked again, "are you sure?"

"I'm sure." Although I answered like this, looking at the police's eyes, I realized that there seemed to be something wrong. I asked, "Mr. police, it's my grandmother's operation. What's the problem?"

"I'm sorry, I can't disclose the case to you for the time being." With that, the policeman left.

The next day, I was about to go to the hospital after work and was called to the police station by the police.

There, the police asked me, "do you have a bank card with a mantissa of 7891?"

“7891?” I thought about it.

This is not the last number of my most commonly used salary card.

But It seems that this is the tail number of the card Qin CI gave me.

I looked through my bag and said, "I seem to have a bank card with this tail number. Please wait a moment."

However, I can't find the card Qin CI gave me when I look through my wallet!

I suddenly realized that the card would not be lost!

The police saw that I couldn't find anything for a long time, so they asked, "what's the matter?"

"My grandmother gave me a bank card. I kept it in the middle of my wallet. It seems that it's gone."

I answered truthfully."Gone?" The policeman looked at him and asked, "you can look for it again."

"It's really gone. I put it in a fixed place." I answered truthfully.

The policeman looked at me, suddenly his face became serious and said, "you don't have to play. Peng Xinzheng has already explained everything."


I'm at a loss.

The police told me that Peng Xinzheng said that the accident of this operation was that I gave Qin CI money and deliberately made him unconscious. It was better to never wake up and gave him a bank card.

They checked the bank card and found that there was 500000 yuan in it, which was earned from my bank card with the tail number of 7891.

At that time, I was confused, "how can it be! I didn't! "

Police see my reaction, there is no accident, "we have found the video of that day, also see you call Peng Xinzheng to the corner of the stairs, gave him an envelope."

"Grandma asked me to give it to him!"

I was stunned!

How could it be like this?

"Ms. Qin CI is in a coma now. She can't testify to you." Said the policeman.

I was confused for a moment.

After thinking for a long time, he said, "but I have no reason to harm my grandmother! When I get to Qin's, the best thing for me is grandma! "

"But we heard that just a few days ago, because your sister Qin Jiameng jumped from a building, Qin CI forced you to leave Ji Qingxuan, who is close to you, and asked him to promise to marry Qin Jiameng. Is that so?"

Asked the policeman.

I nodded, "yes."

"Do you have a grudge against him?"

"How can it be!" I was stunned, "my grandmother is very good to me. In my eyes, she is my only relative in the world. How can I hate her! I'll listen to whatever she says! "

I tried to defend myself.

But these seem to be sophistry in the eyes of the police.

In the end, I was locked up by the police, but he said I could be released on bail.

Bail me out.

Who can bail me out?

Jiang Qin? I remember her circle of friends just started today. She was in Dubai.

Who else?

I sat in the police custody room, looking at the watch on the outside wall of the railing, turning a little bit.

It's 11 o'clock.

When I thought I would be detained like this, the police came to me and said, "Qin Jiaqi, someone has come to bail you. You can leave."

Who is it??

I was really surprised. When I got to the door of the police station, I saw a man standing there in a light colored suit in the moonlight.

Saw me come out and waved to me.



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