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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 133

As soon as he spoke, everyone looked in our direction.

The next second, you'll see me.

The ugliest face is Qin Jiameng. She stares at me, her forehead is slightly raised, her hands are holding tightly, but she still keeps smiling and says, "elder sister, Qingxuan, how are you two together?"


"I met them downstairs, and they came up together."

While I was still thinking about how to say it, I heard Ji Qingxuan behind me saying it.

His words made my heart tighten.

I can't help sneering.

Also, what am I thinking? In front of Qin Jiameng, Ji Qingxuan will certainly leave everything behind with me.

"So..." Qin Jiameng's expression recovered a little.

Because of this lie, I have enough confidence to ask them, "Why are you here? It's the sun coming out in the West

Qin Jiameng took a look at Qin CI in the ward. Her eyes drooped and she cried a little. "In the middle of the night, the doctor contacted us and said that grandma's condition was not good. Let's come here."

"Midnight? Why didn't the doctor inform me? "

I don't even know!

When I said this, a doctor just came over and immediately explained, "yesterday we went to call you. This gentleman opened the door and said you were resting."


When the doctor finished, the atmosphere of the whole corridor fell into silence.

The doctor seemed to see that it was not right, so he turned and left.

Qin Jiameng looks up and looks at Ji Qingxuan, tears fall down, "Qingxuan, what's the matter?" Then he looked at me, "sister, why do you want to unite to cheat me..."

Qin Zhaomin was also angry. "Qin Jiaqi, it was you who let Ji Qingxuan marry Meng Meng. Ji Qingxuan, you also agreed. What's the matter with you two now?"

"Dad, forget it, it's all me, it's all my fault, I'm just a redundant person, I should die..."

Qin Jiameng said, just want to run.

Qin Zhaomin grabbed her. He couldn't beat me. He could only stare at me and say, "Qin Jiaqi, we shouldn't have picked you up at the beginning! How many shameless things have you done over the years! Your grandmother loves you the most. As a result, you bribed the doctor to harm your grandmother, and now you are involved in the dream marriage

With a few words, I said it was a heinous thing.

This reminds me of what song Yiran said yesterday.

How could it happen that Qin Jiameng jumped off a building and someone else came to get my card? Who said that everything was not designed long ago?

"Mr. Qin, don't you think you are ridiculous?" I put my hands around my chest. "At the beginning, I was picked up for the stock. Later, I was used to marry. Qin Jiameng tried to harm me. As a result, my grandmother revealed that I married Ji Qingxuan, so that I could disappear completely and put me in prison!"

"You're bullshit

"I'm talking nonsense?" I smile even colder, "far away, just talk about this incident. I'm afraid you designed a jump time for Qin Jiameng to be Mrs. Ji. During this time, you stole my card and transferred it to the doctor. I'm afraid it's not safe, and I don't care about grandma's danger. I'll ask her to come to the roof to intercede for you! It turns out that Ji's family doesn't agree. You use grandma's illness to shake Ji Yanhai! "

In fact, I guess most of the things in it.

But when I finished, I saw Qin Zhaomin, Qin Jiameng's face was full of guilty.

It's like, what I said is true, when it comes to their heart!

Qin Zhaomin was silent for two or three seconds and suddenly said, "what are you talking about! You son of a bitch

Say, raise a hand to want to hit me!

He was very angry and quick. I knew I couldn't escape. I closed my eyes subconsciously.

But that slap didn't fall down as I imagined.

Before I opened my eyes, I heard Qin Zhaomin say, "Ji Qingxuan, are you protecting her now? She's a fox, a liar! I can't hear a word. "

By this time, I had realized that I had guessed most of the plot correctly.

Qin Jiameng is so cruel!

In order to marry Ji Qingxuan, even Qin Ci's life doesn't care!

I decided to gamble. I took Ji Qingxuan by my side and said, "Qingxuan, it's all your fault. I didn't hear the doctor knock until I was too late last night."

I finish, Qin Jiameng's face is green!

"Qin Jiaqi, don't be shameful! You rob my husband

Qin Jiameng pointed at me and scolded me.

This meeting, I don't care at all, "your husband? This is the marriage you threatened with Grandma's life. If it wasn't for grandma's sake, do you think I would ask him, do you think he would agree? Your true colors have been exposed. No matter how much love a man has for you, it will be consumed. "

When I say this, my arm firmly clasps Ji Qingxuan's arm.

I'm afraid he'll smoke.

That way, I lose the bet.Ji Qingxuan holds Qin Zhaomin's arm in one hand, and I hold the other hand.

I dare not look up at him.

But in the end, the man pulled his arm out from between my hands.

At that moment, I saw a glimmer of joy in Qin Jiameng's eyes.

But the next second, Ji Qingxuan's arm on my shoulder, hand also let go of Qin Zhaomin's hand, word by word said, "Jiaqi said right, if it was not the special situation, I could not agree to marry her."

"But you say, what you say will count!"

Qin Jiameng is in a hurry.

"It counts." Ji Qingxuan's hand around my shoulder, so hard, I only heard him say, "I just promise to marry you, other, nothing promised."

"You You... "

At that moment, Qin Jiameng's eyes were red.

If eyes can kill people, I'm afraid I've been dead a thousand times.

I looked down and said, "come on, I'm going to work."

Qin Zhaozhi looked at the situation and finally said, "were you two in the nursing room yesterday? I ordered the escort room to accompany my mother, not to let you have an affair! "

"Well, I won't go any more."

I said faintly.

After that, I went back to get things.

He left.

Ji Qingxuan said he went to drive, I superficially agreed, but in my heart I had planned to take a taxi by myself.

I went to the door of the hospital and was waiting for a taxi when I saw a red sports car parked opposite.

I know that car.

It's Qin Jiameng's car. Qin Jiameng is also in the car.

Seeing the car there, I had a bad feeling in my heart.

Sure enough, the next second, the red sports car turned around and rushed in my direction like crazy!

I was stunned.

I started to run in the other direction, but the sports car is very flexible, so I'll go straight to the corner and continue to rush towards me!

Seeing the car about to hit me, I thought I would die!

A black car suddenly rushed out!


A car crash!

The voice resounds through the sky!

I take a close look. It's Ji Qingxuan's car that blocks Qin Jiameng's car


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