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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 153

I understand that Lu Yuhan is not apologizing to me or Lu Qiaoyu.

But afraid to offend Ji Qingxuan.

I don't want to stay here much. Let her go.

The entire resort was closed during the final, and the referee didn't arrive. In addition to the staff, only seven of us, Ji Qingxuan and ye Ze were guests.

If Ji Qingxuan goes to my room to block me, then I will have nowhere to escape.

Just in case, instead of going back to my room, I strolled around.

I have to say that the facilities of this resort are very good.

There are swimming pools, small golf courses and places for circus performances.

But because there was no one, the circus arena was closed.

I strolled around and looked at my watch. It's more than 10 o'clock. Ji Qingxuan won't come

I was walking back. A few minutes ago, the sky was full of stars. Suddenly, it began to rain.

In the twinkling of an eye, it began to rain cats and dogs.

I rushed back. When I was about to rush to the door of the room, I collided with a man rushing out of the corner!

The man's head just hit my elbow with my head covered!


The man fell to the ground and the sound of pain came from the rain.

"I'm sorry." I apologized and fixed my eyes. It was Tang Ruo. I called her, "Tang Ruo."

Tang Ruo looked up and saw me.

I didn't say anything and wanted to go.

I pulled her, "the rain is so heavy, my room is here, come in to avoid the rain."

She turned to look at me, the rain is too heavy, the night is too dark, I can not see her expression, only heard her say, "thank you."

It seems that I have agreed.

I went into the room with her.

During the courtesy period, I gave her the bathroom first and stood in the corner wrapped in a towel.

I didn't go in until she finished taking a bath.

Each room in this resort can accommodate two people, so bathrobes and towels are complete sets.

When I came out with my bathrobe, I saw Tang Ruo sitting on the sofa in her bathrobe. When she saw me, she was a little embarrassed and said, "thank you. It should have been cloudy and rainy here. I'll leave after a while."

"No, no, don't worry."

I'm very polite.

Tang Ruo seems to be a very nice person, but when he comes into contact with him, he finds that he has a feeling of resisting others thousands of miles away.

It's been raining outside for a long time. I stand in front of the bed and watch the rain outside. Tang Ruo is sitting on the sofa.

The whole room was filled with irrepressible embarrassment.

"Ding Dong."

Just then the doorbell rang.

I didn't think much about it, so I went to open the door.

The door opened.

Standing at the door is Ji Qingxuan.

He had an umbrella in his hand. His hair was on his face. The rain fell down his hair. I bowed my head. The legs of the man's trousers were wet.

I Leng Leng, want to say what, can think of Tang if in the room, can only say, "what's up?"

"Who is it?"

Ji Qingxuan didn't speak, Tang Ruo got up and came over.

She saw Ji Qingxuan also Leng for a while, "Ji Zong."

The embarrassing atmosphere just now became more strange. Tang Ruo looked at me and him and said, "I'll go first."


It's raining hard outside. If Tang goes out like this, he will catch a cold tomorrow.

Ji Qingxuan step blocked in the door, explained, "no, it's raining outside, I just came to see if she has come back, afraid she is still outside."

This explanation is to Tang Ruo.

However, my heart trembled slightly.

Is he worried about me?

It seems so.

"Well, then I should go, too."

Tang Ruo seems a little embarrassed.

Ji Qingxuan is still blocked at the door, blocking her, "don't, you go, she should blame me, I go, I'm afraid she'll get wet, come back, I'm relieved."

With that, he took an umbrella and disappeared in the rainy night.

Inexplicable some distressed.

I stood at the door, thinking about what he said just now. It's rare for him to say so much. It seems that I'm really afraid that if Tang leaves, I'll be angry. I can only explain it repeatedly.

There is a kind of unspeakable emotion in my heart.

Want to call him to leave the impulse card in the throat, can't say, and can't swallow back.

Tang Ruo stood by and looked at me. He seemed a little embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I should have left just now. I've disturbed you."

Her words made me realize that she was still there.

He shook his head. "No, no, me and him..."

What do I have to do with him?

I don't know how to explain. I have to close the door.

I made two cups of tea.

A cup was handed to Tang Ruo. Tang Ruo took it, looked at me, and said with a smile, "in fact, we all know the relationship between you and Mr. Ji. We were specially ordered before we came here.""What?"

"You and Ji are always in a romantic relationship, so let the two male designers in the final not have any idea about you unless they don't want to work in Optimus."

Tang Ruo always smiles when he speaks.

I was a little embarrassed, "he and I are not like that, he is just me My brother-in-law. "

Although I don't want to admit it very much.

But this seems to be an unchangeable fact.

"But he likes you." Tang Ruo sat on the sofa and looked at me with calm eyes.

"No I immediately denied that, thinking of being played with by Ji Qingxuan again and again before, I lowered my eyelashes, "I used to think so, but after a lot of things, I don't think so anymore."

"To tell you the truth, Mr. Ji stood at the door just now, afraid of your angry explanation. If it wasn't for us, I would really doubt if it was Mr. Ji's twin brother."

Tang ruo's words are full of ridicule.

Finish saying, return oneself to smile.

I looked up at her.

Tang Ruo of this meeting made me feel a lot less distance. When I was struggling to say something, she got up, looked out of the window and said, "the rain has stopped, I'm gone. Thank you for your tea."

She put her tea on the table.

Before I could speak, I left.

I packed up and went to sleep.

Lying on the bed, what lingers in my head is the way Ji Qingxuan stood at my door with an umbrella just now. He seems to be afraid of Tang ruo's leaving. I'm angry and flustered.

It's like he really cares about me.

I don't know how long it took me to fall asleep.

When I wake up again, I feel dizzy, angry and miserable.

I have a fever. That's my first reaction.

Want to drink water, reach out to touch the water cup at the head of the bed, a did not hold steady, "pa" sound fell on the ground, my heart is cold.

Now I feel sore all over and my eyes turn black. It's almost impossible for me to get up and pour a glass of water.

I struggled for a while and fell asleep again.

Until the cold tingle came from my forehead!

I frown slightly, only feel as if there is a antipyretic paste on my forehead.

The next second, I feel a pair of warm lips close to my mouth.

Then, warm water came into my mouth



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