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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 5

It seems that my mother and Qin Jiameng didn't expect that I woke up and the floor lamp was dim, but I could see that their faces were not very good.

Mother first put on that pair of hypocritical smile and asked me, "Jiaqi, how is your injury? Do you need to go to the hospital? "

If it was before, I would be moved, but now my heart is colder than winter.

Qin Jiameng looked at my indifferent expression. Of course, she knew that I had listened to them all and interrupted her mother directly, "Mom, don't play any more. As soon as you listen to it, you can see that this wild dog already knows what's going on."

Wild dog.

I listen to Qin Jiameng so smooth call me, know, I in their mouth, must have had such a nickname for a long time.

"Wild dog?" I endured the pain, went to the empty sofa and sat down, deliberately said, "wild dogs also have a 4% stake."

Sure enough, as soon as I said it, my mother understood what I meant and scolded, "Qin Jiaqi, our Qin family raised you for three years. You should have been filial to us for those stocks!"

I sat there, thinking about their great trouble, just for this stock, I felt ridiculous and couldn't help laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" My mother asked me.

Oh no, it's not appropriate to call her mother now.

Her real name is Fan Yu, and her father's real name is Qin Zhaomin.

I looked at Fan Yu, stopped laughing and said, "in fact, if it was before today's event that I valued this family relationship more than anything, and you asked me for it, I would definitely give those shares to you without saying a word, but since this event happened, everything would be different."

They're very interested in profits. They think I'm just like them.

But I don't know, in my heart, the most important thing is the family.

But now, it's gone.

"You..." Fan Yu didn't expect it!

Hearing this, Qin Jiameng felt that she took Fan Yu's hand and said, "Mom, you can go up. I'll have a good talk with my sister."

I guess what Qin Jiameng wants to say to me.

But it's all useless.

After Fan Yu went up, she sat down close to me and said with a smile, "sister, this is what my parents think. At first, I didn't agree with it..."

Tonight I have a big dream, can no longer let her cheat.

Later, although Qin Jiameng pulled me to say something I didn't want to say, I listened.

After listening, I got up and went to the door.

Seeing that I was determined to leave, Qin Jiameng's patience finally ran out. He took me and scolded, "Qin Jiaqi, you are a dog in our family. You can eat and drink. Don't be shameless!"

That's what she is.

I turned around and looked at Qin Jiameng's detestable appearance and said, "I really want to show Ji Qingxuan what you look like now."

"Ha ha, you will never have this chance again! Ji Qingxuan is my husband, but you are nothing Qin Jiameng is confident.

I look at her, for a moment actually feel that Ji Qingxuan is not worth it.

It's really a shame for him to marry Qin Jiameng, such an excellent man.

Maybe it's a mystery, I said, "there's one thing I have to say. I press my fingerprints on the marriage agreement at the wedding. As long as I talk about it, that agreement is a pile of waste paper."

Qin Jiameng was slightly stunned.

Before she spoke, I continued, "so you and Ji Qingxuan are not married now, we are fair competition."

Finish saying, when she Lengshen loose my hand, I quickly turned away.

Forced to bear the pain, trying to run out, let Qin Jiameng behind me scold me "slut" "shameless" I did not turn back.


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