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Revenge On Love Rats After Rebirth by Olivia Marsh novel Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The sharp pain that spread from her forehead to her limbs. Someone pushed her so hard that her forehead knocked against the cold, hard marble floor.Selena Riddle opened her eyes and her vision was hazy, stirring up a certain hostility within her.A man’s angry growl came to her ears with an etched hatred, “Selena, why don’t you go and die?!”Then came the woman’s frightened scolding, “Dominic, you’re mad! What are you wastrels doing? Why don’t you hurry and pull the young master away!”Two bodyguards rushed over and forcefully pulled away the man who was grabbing Selena by the hair.A middle-aged woman ran over and helped Selena’s frail body up, looking at her head and face full of blood with trepidation, “Selena, are you alright?”Selena held on to her wits that were about to collapse, her cold, dark eyes swept over the surroundings, and in the next second, trance was in her eyes.Luxurious hotel, flowers and ribbons, whispering crowds.Where was she?She looked down at herself, in her snow-white wedding dress, her heart stained with blood, inexplicably bleak.Selena was completely shocked that she was getting married.What was going on?The man stared at her with hatred, his eyes full of twisted humiliation and anger.He slammed a stack of photos at Selena, looking at her with undisguised gloom and disgust in his eyes, “You have messed around with so many men, and to cover up this secret, you even tried to kill your sister. You are so vicious, I swore that I would never marry you, even if I had to die!”He ripped off the lilies belonging to the groom, threw them in front of her and turned to leave indifferently.The middle-aged woman, anxious and angry, hurriedly chased after him, “Dominic, bastard, get back here!”Selena looked at the man’s resolute back as he left, her heart throbbing with pain as unfamiliar feelings and memories flooded her mind.Her face paled and she knitted her brows, and the moment Dominic Walson’s figure completely disappeared, something exploded in her mind, memories spilling out.Selena could no longer support herself, her body went limp and she fell down and lost consciousness.……In a chaotic dreamscape, countless young and resolute faces carried blood.She dragged her seriously ill body through the endless darkness, running and killing, watching each of her familiar companions fall.“Missy, go!”“Missy, you must live!”“Missy, return alive and avenge us!”The woman on the bed opened her eyes, looking at the ceiling calmly, her eyes slightly moist, and a tear spilled out of the corner of her eye and traced its way down her pale cheek.It finally occurred to her how on earth she had got here from the fronts of smoke and war, millions of miles away.She died.Yes, Selena Riddle, who was the supreme commander of the battlefield, had died, betrayed by those closest to her. In a desperate place, she stepped over a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, and in the midst of the watchful and regretful gaze of her enemies, she drew her sword and slashed through her heart. Since then, there had been no more of the noble and beautiful Miss Riddle in the world.But instead, in the distant Creephia, there was another Selena Riddle.In a trance, she had heard what seemed to be the voice of God calling to her, asking if she would like to do it again if she had the chance.She seemed to be replying at the time that she would love another chance and that she was going to go to her comrades.Selena closed her eyes and silently collected her sad and excited emotions, carefully combing through the extra memories in her mind.The girl whose body she has taken over also called Selena Riddle runs to the bridegroom on her wedding night, full of joy, only to be stopped in her tracks by her sister, Leah Riddle, who suddenly appears.Leah smiled viciously, placing unpleasant photos in front of her. Selena went to grab the photos in a panic, but before she could touch, Leah rolled down the stairs, crying and screaming.Photos were spilled all over the floor, all of them showing her standing with another man.Before she could return to her senses, the tirade of abuse and humiliation came crashing down on her.The groom repudiated the marriage in public, coldly pushing away her hand as she cried and explained, her forehead knocked on the ground and blood everywhere.She opened her eyes again and she was in the girl’s body.Memories belonging to both of them, one by one, swept through clearly, merging until they are reduced to silence.Selena blinked, how grateful she was that she was still alive.She will live, take all the heroes to go home, blood hate will be avenged!**“Still not awake?”“It’s been two days and she hasn’t awake, she’s not dead, is she?”“She deserves it, she has cheated so many people, cuckolded Master Dominic, and intended to kill her sister. Such a vicious woman should not live in the world.”“It’s a pity that no one has come to see her after such a big incident, upstairs in the VIP ward of Leah is packed everyday. Not only the Riddle family are there, Dominic is also there to take care of her, she has finally made her mark.”“Who would come to see a fool? Not only is she ugly, but she’s also vicious. I wish she die soon, or, hell knows how long have we guard here?”The nurse, who was talking, inadvertently glanced up and saw a slim, single figure standing in the doorway.She was dressed in a blue hospital gown, with long hair, a pale face, red lips, a circle of gauze tied around her forehead, barely visible in her original appearance. With her hollow eyes, emitting a ghostly cold light, she stated at them motionlessly.“Ah-” the two nurses let out a scream at the shock.Selena’s eyes fell on them, “Please get remover for my make-up, as well as clothes and shoes.”The two nurses met her eyes, winced, and nodded their heads.Selena smiled faintly, her gloomy expression became lively, “I will not die.”The two nurses were in a cold sweat.“My mother’s will left me twenty percent of the Riddle family, so even if I have nothing left, I still have money.”The two nurses’ expressions stiffened and their eyes widened in shock.Goodness.Twenty percent of the Riddle family’s shares would be a great amount of money.Does the Walson family know about this?Even if Miss Riddle is down and out, she is still an aristocratic daughter, and it is as easy as pie to screw them, the working class.The two nurses were sweaty at the thought.“Sorry, Miss Riddle, we should not speak ill of you, please don’t mind us, we’ll go and help you get what you need now.”


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