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Seal of Light - Enlightened novel Chapter 31

Several individual stood side by side, mourning for their lost love ones. Everyone was wearing a white dress.

Standing in front of their lost one's grave are

John Eve and Summer Eve - for Rain Eve.

Lily Autumn and Willow Autumn – for Seth Autumn.

Brothers, Sieg Fang and the young child Jimmy Fang - for their father Navi'Fang

Navi'Sai was consoling them while also grieving for the lost of his masters and fellow carriers.

There were others present on the nearby graves who are also family and friends of other fallen Carriers.


John could not help but to cry again every time he recalls the memory of his beloved wife. His Summer daughter cried with him.

"Be brave young Summer, your mother save me and sent me back here." Lily hugged and kissed her niece. "I know you are confused of what I'm saying right now, but your father will explain this to you, on the right time."

Lily stood up and faced John. "Goodbye John, thank you for loving and taking care of Rain, I'm sorry this has to happen. I know you will be a great dad to Summer. If there is anything you need, you know where to reach us."

"Uhm, there is one thing I would like to ask Lily..." John said. "Will the kids know about the seal or anything that is related to it?"

"Yes, I believe they will discover it by themselves." Lily answered.

The young Summer Eve and the young Willow Autumn looked at each other and laughed. But they truly don't understand yet what their parents are talking about.


"I guess I'll be on my way to," Navi'Sai said to John and Lily.

"I will be training Sieg at the Fang Temple, then, if we would be finish in a year, I would now go to the small temple acquired for me by Navi'Fang and Master Prez. From there, I will begin searching for the other carriers and train them." Navi'Sai added.

"If there is anything that I can help you with, don't hesitate to contact me." Lily said.

"Young master Sai, you can also contact me if there is anything I can help you with, you can also visit our Good Eve Mansin anytime, in case you need a vacation." John offered.

"Thank you so much, I will remember your entire offer," Navi'Sai kiddingly said.

Navi'Sai also talked to the others, asking them that if they need any guidance regarding the "seal", then they can go to him anytime for help.

A young boy named Ethan approached Navi'Sai and talked to him. "I heard from the others that there would be a mission to hunt down the demon who was able to cross here to the human realm. I believe I also have a seal, can you train me?"

Navi'Sai smiled back and replied. "It would be my pleasure, but your training will start after I train the master's son, Sieg."

"It's alright, I can wait. I know where the Fang Temple is, maybe I can visit there sometime so I can ask if when we will start." Ethan said.

"Alright then."

Another young boy approached Navi'Sai who was still talking to Ethan.

"Hello, you are the new Navi right?" the young boy asked.

"Oh hello there, Yes I am Navi'Sai, you are the son of the late Master Prez right?" Navi said.

"Yes I am Rigs Prez." 


A year after the war at the Crescent Island.

Sieg just finished his basic training with Navi'Sai.

"Thank you Navi'Sai for teaching me, may I ask, when would I begin my advance training?"

"I won't be teaching that to you, it's up to you to learn it, I can help you with a guideline but you must learn it from yourself, seek out for other learning and teaching, otherwise, you will only end up as a Navi'Sai version 2."

Sieg smiled and nodded.

"By the way, is he ready for training?" Sieg asked, referring to the young child playing at the lobby of the temple.

"Jimmy? He is too young, we can start teaching him after a year or two."

During their conversation, they heard a loud knock on the temple's main door.

Jimmy ran and took hold of the large bar of wood that was holding the door close. He looked at Navi'Sai, waiting for a go signal to open the door.

Navi'Sai raised a thumbs-up sign giving the young boy the consent to open the door.

"Hello everyone, mind if I join your party?"

"Ms. Lily!" Navi'Sai greeted and waved from afar.

Lily waved back then turned to young Jimmy who was reaching up and giving her a big hug on her hips.

"Hey there Jimmy, you are getting bigger huh young man, how about a kiss for Aunt Lily."

Lily bend down to give little Jimmy a hug and kiss.

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