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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 290

Seeing him staring at Tracy, Juliet felt a little uncomfortable, but she nodded and replied, "Yes, a friend I just made."

"You just met her?" Payton raised his eyebrows and said, "I saw you guys chatting so happily. I thought you two were good friends."

Then, he reached out to Tracy and said, "Hello, I'm Payton.’

Tracy looked at Juliet, stood up, held his hand, and smiled sweetly. "Hello, I'm Tracy. Nice to meet you.”

Payton laughed. "I'm very happy to know beauty."

Suddenly, his calf hurt. He snorted in pain and then turned to stare at Juliet.

He was wondering why Juliet kicked him.

Juliet forced a smile. "Payton, remember your identity!"

She purposely lowered her voice and whispered in his ear. Then, she turned to look at Tracy, who was at a loss. She smiled and said,

"Tracy, he's my boyfriend. He's so unreasonable and too annoying.’

As she spoke, she glared at Payton with reproach. Juliet's affectionate posture made people really think that they were lovers.

Tracy didn't have the slightest bit of doubt. She just looked at Payton up and down and praised him, "Juliet, your boyfriend is really handsome."

"Just so so." Juliet humbly smiled, but it was still hard to conceal her pride in her eyes.

Pretentious! Payton secretly rolled his eyes in his heart. If it weren't for the fact that they had a contract, he really wanted to say that they weren't lovers at all. Everything was fake!

Tracy smiled. Since Juliet’s boyfriend was here, it was not suitable for her to drink with Juliet. She quickly found an excuse and said,

"Juliet, I drank too much. I'm not feeling well. I'll go back and rest first."

Without waiting for Juliet to react, she hurriedly left with her bag.

Juliet did not call her. She only glanced at Tracy's figure and sat back on the chair. She picked up her unfinished wine and finished it.

Seeing that, Payton sat on the chair Tracy had just sat on and asked for a martini. Then, he turned around and saw that Juliet's originally fair cheeks flushed slightly. Under the dazzling lights of the bar, she was even more attractive. His heart couldn't help but skip a beat.

He picked up the wine and took a sip to conceal his strange feeling.

Payton,’ Juliet suddenly called him.

"What?" He raised his eyebrows and looked at her doubtfully.

Juliet smiled and then turned to stare at him. "Why do I always meet you in a bar?"

Always? Payton frowned. "Even today, we met twice."

"Do you like to come to places like this very much?" Juliet narrowed her eyes slightly.

"Not so much. I'll come when I'm bored," Payton answered honestly.

"Do you always come alone?" she asked.

Payton frowned, "Miss Elton, is it important whether I come alone or not?"

"Of course......." Juliet was just about to answer, "Of course, it's important.” But when she saw his meaningful gaze, she changed her words to "Of course not.’

She had no confidence in saying the word "not".

Payton smiled. "Since it's not important, then don't ask."

Juliet was immediately depressed.


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