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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 316

After returning to the entertainment industry, the first thing Rorey wanted to do was to punish Hazel instead of Rosiley.


The moment Yunis and Rorey cancelled their engagement, Yunis began to date Hazel.


It just proved that Yunis had been having an affair with Hazel a long time ago, when Rorey was still Yunis’ fiancée.


Since Hazel chose be Yunis' mistress, she had to bear the consequences.


"Rorey, Hazel works at the same company as you. You are colleagues anyway. Don't go too far."


Manuel, president of Lake Entertainment Group, looked at Rorey anxiously, who was sitting opposite to him on the sofa, and said in a pleading tone.


No one could believe that, Mr. Manuel, President of an entertainment company, was begging a star who worked for him.


"Don't go too far?" Rorey sneered, her eyes cold. "When Hazel stole my fiancé from me, she left me no other choice.”


“But you have already broken up with Yunis, haven't you?" Manuel frowned, "Since you have broken up, Yunis is allowed to date Hazel.”


From Manuel's point of view, Rorey was giving Hazel a hard time on purpose.


Hazel meant much more to the company than Rorey. After all, Rorey's reputation in the entertainment industry had already been ruined. No director or advertiser dared to work with her anymore.


Therefore, her return to the entertainment industry was just a joke.


If she hadn't caught Manuel tripping, the Lake Entertainment Group wouldn't have cooperated with her.


Thinking of this, Manuel felt a bit frustrated.


Rorey coldly glanced at him and snorted, "Mr. Manuel, they had been together before I broke up with Yunis. Figure out the 

situation before making comments.”


Manuel took a deep breath and tried his best to force a friendly smile. "Rorey, just stop targeting Hazel. Do it for me”


"For you?" Rorey sneered, "Mr. Manuel, you mean nothing to me"


"And..." Rorey rolled her eyes and shot daggers at him coldly, “If you keep defending Hazel, I will keep my word.”




Manuel's face darkened at Rorey's threat and glared at her angrily.


But he could do nothing about it because Rorey got something about him.


Rorey glanced at her, then stood up and said to Alan, who had been standing behind her, "Let's go.”


With that, she left with Alan arrogantly.


Manuel stared at her back with a sinister look.


The scandal that Hazel was a mistress got even more heated. There was even an interview video of Rorey.


In the interview, Rorey was calm when she was asked by the reporter, "Do you have any comments on the relationship between Hazel and Yunis?” Her reply was simple, “I wish them happy!”


Watching the interview, Juliet sneered, "Rorey is really smart. Her blessing makes people believe that she has nothing to do with the scandal. The netizens end up finding her elegant and pitiful.”


Although Juliet took no fancy to Rorey, she could not help but let out a sigh of admiration, "Rorey does get something!”


Upon hearing this, Payton raised his eyebrows with interest, "Now you're admiring her.”


“No. I'm not admiring her. I just admire her deeds." Juliet rolled her eyes at him unhappily, and closed web page. She stood up and walked to Payton's desk with her hands crossed over her chest, pretending to ask casually, "Hey, what is going on between you and Tracy?”


"What do you mean?” Payton looked up at her with a confused expression.


"Well..." Juliet pondered for a moment. "You went to the charity party with her that day? I don't think you know each other well."


If it wasn't for Juliet, Payton and Tracy wouldn't have known each other.


Juliet was unhappy about Tracy being Payton's date at the party.


"Oh, I know what you're talking about. Tracy lives across my apartment, so I asked her to do me a favor because I could not find a date that day.”


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