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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 320

It would come when it came.


Rosiley put the document back in her bag. This sentence flashed across her mind.


She pursed her lips, then looked up at Hanson and smiled. "Mr. Hanson, if you have anything, just say it.”


Hanson hesitated for a moment. "In fact, I want to recommend someone to you.”


Rosiley raised her eyebrows and said, "Do you want to recommend Rorey beside you?"


Hanson smiled in embarrassment. "Miss Tang is so smart that you can see through my intentions.”


Rosiley smiled. Soon, the smile disappeared. She became serious and said firmly, "Sorry, Mr. Hanson. The actors in the 

movie have been chosen. We can't change actors on an ad hoc basis. This is unfair to the actors we chose previously.”


“I know that.” Hanson nodded and continued, "Actors are chosen by me and the producer according to the characters. Each of them is very suitable for the roles in the movies. I understand that we can't change actors on an ad hoc basis.”


"Then what do you mean?" since he understood, why would he recommend Rorey? Rosiley didn't understand.


“I want her to appear in the movie, even if there's only one scene"


Just one scene? Did they ask so little?


It seemed that Hanson really wanted to help Rorey.


Rosiley looked at Rorey and chuckled, “Actually, you can beg me yourself. There's no need for Mr. Hanson to say this for you.”


A trace of malice flashed through Rorey's eyes. But she still smiled. She said, “Rosiley, it's not that I don't want to ask you for help. I am just afraid that people will say that I have pulled string as your sister to appear in the movie. So, I asked Mr. Hanson to speak this for me. Don't be angry with me, okay?”


Sister? Rosiley sneered, “Sorry, I don't have a sister.”


Rorey glanced at Hanson and said to Rosiley anxiously, “Rosiley, I know that you are angry with me. Next time, I will not ask anyone else for help but ask you for help first.”


Was Rorey trying to show Mr. Hanson that she was close to her on purpose?


This was ridiculous!


Rosiley stood straight up and give Hanson an apologetic smile. “Sorry, Mr. Hanson. I might not be able to help you with this request. If there's nothing else, I'll go back to the company first.”


With that, she picked up the canvas bag and left.


Only Hanson, who was dumbfounded, and Rorey, who was angry, were left.


Rorey glared at Rosiley who pushed open the glass door and walked out. The hatred in her eyes was no longer hidden.


She thought to herself, 'Rosiley, wait and see. You will be sorry later!’


Then, she took a deep breath and turned to look at Hanson with an apologetic smile. "Mr. Hanson, my sister has such a personality. Please don't take it to heart.”


Hanson smiled and shook his head. "No. Miss Tang has a strong personality and is a nice girl.”


Even though she hated Rosiley inside, Rorey still pretended to like her and said, "Yes. Although we are not biological sisters, I 

like her very much.”


“Looks like you're a good sister,” Hanson smiled.


"I'm pleased that you think so." Rorey smiled gently and lowered her head to hide the coldness in her eyes.


Hanson felt that since they were sisters, then--


"Rorey, you can come to the movie set when we started making movies. I'll arrange a role for you to appear in the movie. 

What do you think?”


Rorey was delighted inside. But she looked awkward. "Is this appropriate? I am afraid my sister...”


"It's fine. I can make the decision.” Hanson patted her shoulder and comforted her.


“Then ... thank you, Mr. Hanson."


Rorey lowered her head and smiled triumphantly. As long as she could play a role in Hansons films, even if she just had a short exposure, she would be considered to be in the film industry.


Rosiley returned to the company and assigned the task of setting up the scene to others. Then, she went into Lina's office.


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