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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 42


After Rosiley’s strong counterattack, Rorey didn't do anything more. A few days later, the curses on the Internet gradually decreased, leaving only a few words.


Rosiley had gained quite a bit of fame as a result, and many fans urged her to enter the entertainment business.


A few days in a row, advertisers kept calling and asking her if she wanted to endorse their products. Moreover, some companies promised her that they would made her a superstar if she joined them.


Rosiley was at a loss as to whether she should laugh or cry.


Yayoi teased her. “Why don't you have a try? You look good, have a good temperament, and are fully qualified for the entertainment industry. You're much better than those actresses. This is a rare opportunity! You should seize it.”


Rosiley shook her head firmly. “No, is too complicated for me. Although l work hard as a reporter, I don't have to live on thin ice every day and have my own privacy. A stars life is worse than death to me.”


“That's true. I don't like that kind of life, either. However, Rorey might not think so. Ifs said that she is preparing to return to the entertainment industry recently. And Yunis has invested a lot and used his connections to propagandize for Rorey.”


Yayoi's eyes turned cold. She said angrily, ”The heartless man and bitch are still struggling to make troubles for you. I dare say, Rorey will definitely use all means to suppress you if she really returns to the entertainment industry.”


“What are you afraid of? lf she doesn't know how to behave herself, then teach her a lesson.”


Rosiley didn't care about it at all.


Yayo¡ also nodded. “Thats right. However, i'm afraid that she will play some tricks. Now that she can be so cruel to herself, she can definitely do something even more insane.”


“Hey, you really underestimated her. In the past few days, Lonny Luu has been making troubles for me. lf it weren't for Rorey’s instructions, she wouldn't have treated me like this, would she?”


Next moment, Lonny walked over and said, "Rosiley, there's a reporters' gathering tonight. I have other matters to attend to. You go there for me. The one who invited me this time is the newly promoted director Angus Lin, so don't mess it up.”


After Lonny gave orders, she turned to leave at once and didn't give Rosiley any chance to react.


"This woman is really difficult to deal with. She's deliberately throwing you under the bus!”


Yayoi gritted her teeth as she looked at Lonnys back.


Rosiley also frowned.


Director Angus was famous for being lecherous. He wanted to make out with every beautiful woman he met. There were a lot young females in the entertainment industry who were involved with him.


Lonnys arrangements were clearly malicious.



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