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Winner Takes All novel Chapter 2

Overwhelmed, Jack felt like daydreaming.

When he went back to the ward, he saw his mother lying in bed with tubes connected to her body. It seemed that she had just undergone a successful surgery. He suddenly came back to himself at the sight of her. Ecstasy, excitement and gratitude enveloped him like a torrent.

“Mr. Ward, as expected, the liver transplant is very successful,” the doctor said with unusual respect. Jack was shocked by the doctor’s attitude.

He was his mother’s attending doctor. He was not only a well-known expert in the LJ hospital, but a recognized authority in the medical world. He used to talk to the nobles and government officials at ease. But now he looked so humble in front of Mr. Ward.

“Thank you so much, Dr. Hale,”

Mr. Ward answered with a smile while bowing to him.

“It’s OK…Mr. Ward. It is my pleasure,” the doctor jerked slightly as he waved his hands in a panic. He didn’t even felt relieved until Mr. Ward straightened up.

The doctor took a gentle glance at Jack, “Jack, you treat your mother very well, so you are blessed with good fortune. Your mother will go through this soon.”

Tears filmed Jack’s eyes. “Thank you. Thank you so much, Dr. Hale.”

“This is what I should do,” the doctor replied as he frightenedly stopped Jack from kneeling down. He was very well aware of Mr. Ward’s background.

With Jack’s mother so stricken by illness, Mr. Ward had come forth to visit her and take care of all matters concerning her surgery personally. This must meant that Jack was not an ordinary person.

Jack was not ignorant too. He had known Dr. Hale was so awkward when Mr. Ward was thanking him, so he was not surprised that Dr. Hale was feeling equally shocked when he saw Jack like this.

Although he had mentioned that was a doctor’s duty, his words were more suited to describe his previous self when he was diagnosing his mother’s disease.

But now Dr. Hale was more fearful yet respectful towards Mr. Ward here.

“Mr. Ward, if there’s nothing I can help at this moment, I should go now. I have also informed the dean about your arrival.” the doctor declared.

Mr. Ward waved his hands lightly, “I don’t wanna catch people’s attention here. Please don’t let him know.”


The doctor didn’t continue to persuade him as he turned around and left while taking a regretful glance at Jack. All of a sudden, Jack knelt down in front of Mr. Ward. “Thanks a million for saving my mom, Mr. Ward. I will always remember your great kindness…”

Before he finished, Mr. Ward hurriedly helped him up, “Get back on your feet please, Master Hughes. I should be the one to kneel down instead.”

Jack was stunned and soon looked calm as he was pondering. Mr. Ward had been calling him as Master Hughes since they met.

He was from a humble background, and he had to rely on his mother for livelihood.

It was not until he finished his studies and got a job that his family situation finally began to improve. That was why he always felt thankful and guilty for Katherine marrying him.

So, Mr. Ward seemed like someone who was not from Jack’s world, let alone one who came in a Rolls-Royce Phantom! Mr. Ward smiled and explained, “In fact, the Old Master…uh…your father as well, told me to save your mom.”

Jack felt stunned, for Father was someone too far away from him. “That’s impossible. I’ve been told my father had passed away before I came to the world,”

Jack said as he shook his head. “Your father is safe and sound, and he is a local bigwig. He fell in love with your mother and she gave birth to you, but it’s been a long story,”


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