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Young Mater, Please Confirm The She-package novel Chapter 41

After getting along with him for some time, Lollo found that she had completely changed her previous impression of Harrison.

It seemed that he was not as fickle in love as it was said. On the contrary, she felt that he had been deliberately maintaining the image as a playboy. In reality, he was actually a workaholic.

Maybe it was because Lollo's intelligence was too low that she really couldn't understand what was in his mind.

However, there was one thing that she was sure of: Harrison was absolutely a freak!

Every time he came back home from work, he would torture her... Now the floor of the villa was even cleaner than Lollo's face. The table was spotless. There was even no hair on the sofa. She really doubted if he was Virgo. How could he have such high requirements for the environment!

As usual, on a Saturday night, Lollo was cleaning the table while Harrison was sitting on the sofa and reading newspapers. Lollo really looked like Harrison's maid at this moment. Lollo felt bitter, but she couldn't complain, because once she complained, Harrison wouldn't cook food for her!

After a while, she suddenly ran into the bathroom. After squatting in it for a few minutes, she suddenly became anguished...

"Lollo, are you slacking off again?"

"I swear by God, I didn't."

"Then why are you hiding in the bathroom? Come out now."

She also wanted to go out, but it was not that easy. Her period came today. She had eaten so much ice cream before, and she might have a stomachache later.

"Harrison... I am on my period..." Lollo said through the door.

'Period? What period?' He wondered.

"Lollo, if you want to sleep on your work, just say it."

"Ah..." "It's just... Every girl has a few days in a month..."

It was easier to talk to girls about such things than to boys.

Usually, Harrison had no contact with girls. He would only talk to girls when he had something to say to them. But he still remembered what Lollo had said.

"Lollo, has your menstruation come?"

"Well, yes..." She was shy to mention it, but he said it out so easily. Even if she couldn't see his expression, Lollo didn't want to look up.

"Why don't you tell me earlier? Do you need tampon?" '

That was the reason why she couldn't open her mouth. She hadn't prepared that thing at home!

In fact, she really didn't want to admit that she was a woman. "Harrison, can you go buy it for me?"

"What? Lollo, are you crazy? You ask me, a man, to buy tampon for you?"

"Well, yes, I'm not crazy. Can you buy it for me?"

She said it despite her shyness. After all, he was the only man at home. Did he mean to let her, a woman on her period, go out to the store?

Lollo couldn't go out herself and Harrison didn't want to go out either. As a man, he had never done such a thing in his life. If the news spread, how would people think of him?

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