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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 106

“Come out! Catherine, come out!”


Zama slaps the glass angrily, and doesn't care if such behavior will make the glass broken.


Jacob is a little depressed, what's wrong with Zama?


He quickly got off the car and try to stop, but unfortunately Nicole has already been awakened.


After staying up all night, she was suddenly disturbed. To be honest, Nicole was in a bad mood.


She rolled down the window and looked at Zama coldly.


“What do you want to do?”


“What do I want to do? You're a vicious woman! Mr. Green was so badly wounded for you, who the hell do you think you are. Catherine, if you're an intellectual woman, get the fuck out of here, stay away from our master, otherwise...”


“Otherwise what?"


Nicole's eyes were a bit cold.


Nicole didn't blame Zama no matter what she had done to her for the sake of Zama is the nanny of Samuel, and she had taken care of her for three years after marriage. Now, Zama is getting tougher and harder, does she really think Nicole will be afraid of her bulty?


Jacob saw the situation a bit out of control, and quickly came out to stop their fighting.


“Zama, Ms. Bush took care of Mr. Green in the hospital yesterday and didn't close her eyes all night. Don't bother her. Let Ms. Bush go back to rest. At noon, Mr. Green need to drink the soup made by Ms. Bush.”


“Drink her soup? Damn her! I'm still afraid that she will poison Mr. Green! Jacob! Can't you see that this woman simply hides her secret target, she just wishes Mr. Green died. Are you leaving or not? If you still stay here, I will kill you even if I have to sacrifice my life today! What kind of family is the Don Family? You dare to involve the Green Family to fight against the Don

Family. You are really a abominable woman!”


Zama said as she picked up the broom, stretched out towards the car window. The posture seemed to really make Nicole's face look.


Jacob suddenly became scared.


“Zama, don't be excited, Zama!”


Jacob hasn't got off the car yet, Nicole has opened the door and walked down.


Zama's broom had nearly hurt her face, and she grabbed Zama's wrist with a little force.


Zama screamed in pain.


“Dare you resist?”


Nicole smiled directly.


“You're going to beat me; do I need to stand here wait for you to beat me? Do you think I'm a fool or have a problem with my brain? Zama, you are too old. If you cant do the job as a housekeeper, go home and get some rest early, I don't think Samuel will treat you badly.”


Nicole said this as the hostess of the family.


Zama was mad to death.


“Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you to speak as if you are the hostess of the Green Family! Don’t dream about it! I tell you, Mr. Green have grown up eating my milk since master is three months old, I am part of the Green Family, I can’t watch master be scouted by you.”


“Are you a member of the Green Family? Are you the old lady of the Green Family? Or a relative of the Green Family?”


Nicole said mercilessly.


Jacob had already got out of the car and could not help at all with this kind of harsh situation.


Zama is Samuel's nanny, he can't afford to offend her.


Nicole is the wife of Samuel, he is even more afraid to offend her.


Now Jacob was caught between a rock and a hard place, he can't help to stop this people.


“Miss Bush, Zama, we are all family, we don't have to fight each other, right? We should just take a step back.”


“You told me that she is my family member? Is she worth it? A slut and a charming bitch, I don't know how many men she has slept with when I look at that face. This kind of sensual girl actually wants to be the hostess of the Green Family? Take a look at you!”


Zama was choked by Nicole for a while, and naturally couldn't bear this anger. Seeing Jacob said that, she scolded Nicole directly, and she wasn't going to care about her honor and dignity.


She didn't believe that Samuel could really fire her!


Nicole's face suddenly went angry.


“Zama is so familiar with this stuff; did you sleep with those men when you were young? I think Zama looks pretty handsome, so didn't you find a few men to relieve your boredom?”


Nicole's words stimulated Zama.


“Shut up! You bitch!”


She didn't care that Nicole caught her wrist. She raised her other hand, and try to pull Nicole's hair.


Nicole is young after all, and she has given Zama many chances, but this woman has always bully her because she has stayed in the Green family for a long time, and now she is even more arrogant.


If she doesn't want to return, everything will be just fine. But now she realized that her feelings for Samuel were difficult to let go, and the look of Zoe really stimulate her. In this life, she owed too much to her daughter. Nicole decided to come back and give children a home.


But she could not tolerate Zama treating her children like this!


Nicole's face is getting furious.


She flung Zama away and pushed her, Zama’'s hand slipped across her face, and her long nails left a blood stain on Nicole's face.


And Zama couldn't hold her balance because of the thrust, and the whole person collapsed behind.


“Ahhh! Jacob save me!”


Zama shouted desperately.

Jacob wanted to step forward, but was glared by Nicole with a cold eye.


The look was decisive, just like Samuel.



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