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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 123

Samuel thought Lucas was fun. He was like he was when he was a kid. He was a little arrogant and stubborn, and he didn't want to owe anyone else.


He used to think it was bad for him to do so, but now when he saw Lucas, he suddenly felt that there was nothing wrong with doing so.


It should be a lot of fun to have such a cute little son, right?


It was a pity that he missed the five years of his growth, which was the regret of his life.


“Did your mother ever tell you that you are actually stubborn?”


Samuel teased Lucas.


Lucas was just hesitating whether to continue to hate Samuel. Hearing this, he was a little depressed.


“My mommy only told me that I was very much like my unreliable dad.”




Samuel felt that he had been wronged.


Why was he unreliable?


But now that his son was a little stubborn donkey that needed to be gently stroked, Samuel was not angry.


“Tell me about your mommy's life over the past five years.”


The saddest thing for Samuel was that he hadn't been with Nicole and their son for five years. He knew more or less how much the fire had affected Nicole, but it was different to hear Lucas say it himself.


Lucas was a little angry, but he whispered, “I was young and didn't know very well. I just heard Godfather say that in the first two years, Mommy never dared to close her eyes, go out or see something with light. Godfather also said that Mommy suffered from depression for a period of time and wanted to jump down from the 32nd floor. If Godfather hadn't found it in time, there might be no Mommy now.”


Lucas’s voice was getting smaller and smaller, but Samuel's heart suddenly sank to the bottom.




“Yes, I checked it online. Depression is not easy to treat. Godfather said that if it wasn't for me, Mommy would really not want to live.”


Nicole really suffered too much at that time. When the child she desperately gave birth to was diagnosed with congenital renal failure and could only live for a few years, Nicole felt that her world had collapsed.


Zoe was tortured by medical equipment at a young age. If it wasn't for Lucas, Nicole might have jumped out of the building with Zoe in her arms.


At that time, she thought it was boring to live.


Her husband abandoned her and even wanted her and the baby to die. Her baby was born sick, and she was burned by the fire and couldn't meet anyone. At the moment when the baby opened her eyes, her appearance scared the baby to cry.


It was a fatal blow to Nicole that her hard-earned child rejected her embrace.


If it wasn't for Allen’s daily guard and company and Lucas's cleverness, maybe Nicole would not have been able to hold on.


But Lucas didn't know about it and would not tell Samuel clearly, but Samuel could imagine it.


How desperate a woman needed to be to jump off a building with her baby!


The damage he did to Nicole was so great! Although he was unintentional.


At the thought of this, Samuel felt unable to forgive himself.


“Call Jacob and ask him to give everyone to Jason. I don’t care what the Don family does. I want to know the truth, including what happened to the fire five years ago.”


At this time, the coldness of Samuel made Lucas a little stunned. He suddenly found that Samuel was actually a very powerful man.


Lucas looked at Samuel and was a little dumbfounded.


Then Samuel realized that Lucas was not his subordinate but his son. He softened his tone and said, “your mommy and you have suffered so much. I can't let those villains who hurt you go unpunished. I have to let those people experience what your mother has suffered.”


Lucas was in a better mood when he heard this.


“I know who tried to kill my mommy, but you won't believe it.”


Lucas's words made Samuel a little confused.




“Because she's your son’s mommy.”


Lucas lowered his head and played with his fingers with both hands and frowned. He obviously rejected the fact that Samuel had another son.


Samuel was very smart and immediately understood who Lucas was talking about.


“You heard something, didn’t you?”


“Yes, I've already recorded it and handed it to my mommy. I know you won't punish her, and I know she's Joseph's mom. Joseph is my best friend, but I just don't feel well.”


Lucas himself was embarrassed and hesitant.


He didn’t know how he became good friends with Joseph. At first he decided to hate Joseph, but Joseph was stupid and liked to play with him.


Unconsciously, he took Joseph as a good friend. Now Joseph's mommy has hurt his mommy. What should he do?


Lucas was still a child after all. Such an emotional choice put him in a dilemma.


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