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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 139

“Samuel, why are you here?”


Nicole was a little bit surprised. After all, Samuel was often out of sight these past two days and his relationship with Tim was not very good. Now that Tim is no longer there, and Samuel is here, Nicole feels a bit wrong.


Samuel took a hard sigh and put out the cigarette.


“Are you upset that I am here?”


“No, I was with Tim. He left without saying a word, so I was a little curious. He didn’t answer the phone when I called him just now. I don't know what's wrong.”


Nicole naturally saw that Samuel was jealous. But she still likes this feeling, but thinking of Zoe, she feels a little heavy.


No way!


She can't indulge in Samuel's tenderness.


The daughter is still waiting for her to save her life, but now Samuel urgently needs to rest.


Nicole's frown made Samuel look at the bottom of his eyes, mistakenly thinking that it was because of Tim's not saying goodbye that he was a little unhappy.


Samuel's chest was slightly sour.


“Nicole, you are different from before.”


She doesn't like him wholeheartedly as before.


The current Nicole always gives Samuel another vague feeling. Although she was by her side, her love for him seemed to be divided into many parts and he could no longer feel Nicole’s wholehearted love.


He didn't know whether this was caused by the five-year estrangement. If there was only one more Lucas, he would not be so uneasy. After all, that child is his son. Although he was jealous of Nicole's love for Lucas, But it won't be so boring to be jealous of his son.


But now it is not only Lucas, but also Tim and even Jason who is staring at her.


Although Jason had never expressed interest in Nicole, the look in his eyes Samuel when he saw Nicole was still clear that it couldn't deceive people.


Thinking of Allen in the United States, Samuel suddenly felt under pressure.


If Nicole were to put all her energy on him as before, he would not be so upset, but now a call from the US can make Nicole feel bad for a long time.


He didn’t know what Allen and Nicole were talking about. Sometimes he even wanted to eavesdrop on their phones, but he felt that it was too shameless to do so, so he gave up, but the anxiety in his heart expanded day by day.


Nicole didn’t know what Samuel meant by saying that it was different. Now her daughter's illness is right in front of her eyes and Samuel's body can't get better in a short time and there is no draft of the case that Allen came to cooperate with. She was almost dying of anxiety, naturally did not notice the loneliness in Samuel's words.


“Of course I'm different. It’s been five years. I've been a mother. How can I still be around you like a child all day? You have your own business, don’t you?”


Nicole smiled faintly, but in Samuel's eyes, this smile and this thoughtfulness made him feel alienated.


“I don't mind you pestering me like before.”


Samuel didn't want to say these things, but he couldn't help it.


It was Nicole who had fallen in love with him before, but he didn’t know his intentions. Now that he understands what he wants, when he wants to grow old with Nicole, Nicole's feelings for him seem to be less ardent than before and his mother, Zama and even many people around him do not want them to be together, the bottom of his heart feels very unreasonable.


He knew that he said that was a bit of a price drop, but he still spoke.


Nicole thought she had heard it wrong.


In the past, Samuel would never say such a thing, but now he has not only said it, but also said it bluntly, not at all embarrassed.


Nicole was shocked and said, “You have also changed.”


“Then do you like my changes now?”


Seeing that Nicole was a little loose, Samuel immediately took a step forward and circled her in his arms.


After all, she was the child's mother and it was on the street again, Nicole was somewhat embarrassed.


“Don't do this. You are too old to be seen badly.”


Nicole pushed Samuel, her face flushed.


Seeing her so shy, Samuel suddenly smiled.


“We've been married for years, what are you afraid of?”


Not only did he not let go of Nicole, he even hugged her tightly and gave her a quick kiss on the face.


Nicole only felt as if her whole body had been shocked. That kind of heartbeat made her heart beat faster again and her face was hot.


She grasped Samuel's hand and said, “Hurry back to the hospital and lie down. I am a patient and have no consciousness at all. I ran out every day. When will you get better like this?”


When Samuel saw that she cared about him, the anxiety in his heart slowly dissipated.


She still cares about him. She still likes him.


Samuel suddenly found that he was like a restless child. As long as Nicole was gentle with him a little bit, he was eager to treat her heartily.


He thought he was really fascinated by Nicole.


Samuel allowed Nicole to take him back to the hospital like a child and listened to Nicole's words to actively cooperate with the treatment.


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