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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 195

All the doctors in the nursing home were trying to save Zoe, while Laurel was a bit nervous. At that moment, Mike came with the doctor.


"How's Laurel?”


"You just sent her here in time!"


Samuel quickly told him about Laurel.


The doctor who examined Laurel was quickly called out.


The doctor was quite respectful to Mike when he saw him, and whispered, "Mrs. Green's report had some out. There are some toxins in her body. Although she hasn't taken something unusual for a long time, there are hidden dangers to her body. She must be too tired this time and her immunity is not so strong as ever, which triggers some unmentionable disease of the body. We will do our best to treat her.”


“Thank you.”


Samuel was now under siege. He really wanted him to be separated into many parts, so that he could take care of his beloved at the same time.


The doctors led the medical team into the operating room and began rescuing Laurel.


Mike hugged Samuel's shoulder and whispered, "I know you're not in the mood, but there's no use staying here. You're not a doctor, and you can't decide a lot of things. Let's go to the roof deck and have a smoke."


Samuel really stressed out these days. Hearing what Mike said, he asked Jacob to stay here and went to the roof with Mike.


There was a strong wind on the roof, but Samuel didn't seem to feel it.


For nearly 30 years he had been able to get everything he wanted, but five years ago when Nicole had an accident with her baby and his life had been changed.


He was really passive in such circumstance.


Mike lit a cigarette and handed it over.


Samuel took it and inhaled it so hard that he coughed and choked.


"Why? I haven't seen you for years. Don't tell me you quit smoking?"




Samuel coughed and took another puff.


The smell of nicotine soothed his heart somewhat.


He puffed out the smoke as if to spit out all the gloomy smells.


Mike lit a cigarette for himself, leaned against the corner of the roof, looked out into the sky, and whispered, "Allen has started action.”


"Is it? 1am afraid he wouldn't act.”


Samuel sneered, like a ghost from hell.


Until then, he had been grateful to Allen, but now he wished he had cut him to pieces.


That hypocrite!


It was unforgivable to be so cruel to Zoe!


Mike patted Samuel on the shoulder and said, "You took Nicole from the Brook Family. Allen went back and found out Nicole was away and he punished all the servants.’


“Kill them?" Samuel asked coldly.


Mike shook his head and said, "He doesn't have the guts yet, but he sold everyone to the Fallen Paradise Club."




Samuel was surprised.


Mike smiled and said, “Is it surprised? I was surprised, too. He had only made a deal with the Fallen Paradise Club once, and he could actually be in contact with the Fallen Paradise Club. Samuel, I have an intuition that there might be people from the Green Family behind the Fallen Paradise Club.”


“Impossible!” Samuel said no.


"There are few heirs in my family. Before me, it was my father, and now Vincent died in another place. Everything is in my hand and there was no way that anyone else could have entered it.”


"I just have a hunch. I checked on Lucas. I don’t think anyone could quietly take one person away in the Seapolis City without letting you find out any information. Besides, the Don Family and the Louis Family both made moves. Don't you feel it strange that no one could find out a kid even with three big families cooperating? And why Allen, who was outraged by Nicole's disappearance, would work with Fallen Paradise Club? I used to think it might be a coincidence that he bought Nicole, but now I have a feeling that maybe it's not a coincidence, but a calculation.”


Mike's words made Samuel's eyes narrow.


"You mean Allen and the Seapolis City teamed up to buy Nicole over?’


"I don't have any proof. It's just a guess. I don't know if it's accurate or not, but it's really confusing. Allen's background is very complicated, and he is not only the heir of the Brook Family. He seems to have countless connections with many people. Even my father told me not to provoke Allen again these days, so it can be seen that he knew I am helping you and deliberately put pressure on me.


Hearing Mike's words, Samuel frowned again.


“Allen is able to get your father to pressure you?"


“Surprised? I am surprised, too. I used to think he is just an ordinary businessman with big business in America. It seems like it is not that simple.”


"Yes, if there is no background, how could a family gain a firm foothold when it moved out of the country?”


Samuel seemed to pick up a clue, but he could not hold on to anything.


Both men smoked deeply, their hearts a little heavy.


Everything seemed like a fog, making them not see clearly. If they couldn't figure all this out, let alone return home, there was probably no place for them even in the United States.


It would be fine if Samuel was alone, but now there were Nicole, Laurel, and Zoe, and there were so many people he needed to protect, so he had to figure something out.


“I think it was time to fight back the Brook Family.”


Samuel finished his cigarette and suddenly said so.


"Huh?" Mike was surprised.


“You want to fight back the Brook Family? Haven't you taken away all the power in America?”



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