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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 194

Nicole suddenly woke up to the fact.


She had just said that she was going to be with Samuel, that she was going to be a woman worthy of Samuel, and how could she be overcome by these difficulties when her daughter was waiting for her to stand up and accompany her, and her son was waiting in some unknown place for her to come to her rescue?


She was Nicole!

Five years ago, the fire had not taken her life. What was the matter of such a setback now?


Nicole suddenly had a lot of courage.


“Mom, I know what I have to do.”


Nicole's eyes were clear.


She was still very worried and sad, and even wanted to accompany Zoe in the operating room to know what kind of pain she would go through on the operating table, but at this moment, she knew better what she should do.


Laurel smiled gratified.


“I'll buy you something to eat. I'll let Joseph stay with you.”




Nicole didn't refuse.


She really wanted to follow to the operating room, but as Jacob led all the experts to the operating room, Nicole turned and went back to her room.


Joseph's brows knit together. He didn't know Mommy was sick!


Joseph followed Nicole as she returned to the hospital room.


"Mommy, are you really sick? What's the matter with you?"


Joseph was worried, looking straight at Nicole.


Nicole laughed and said, "Mommy's okay. Mommy's just tired and wants to have a rest. Don't worry, Mommy will be all right.”


"Is there a bad man who bullies Mommy? Tell me, I'll go to teach them a lesson." Joseph said angrily.


Nicole laughed and said, "No, Mommy's fine.”


“But Grandma said you are ill.”


"Mommy is just in bad mood, and nobody can help me but myself.”


Nicole touched Joseph's head and thought of Lucas again.


If Lucas had known that she was ill, and that Zoe was in this bad situation, would he have come back?


Nicole felt hysterical.


She didn't believe Lucas was killed.


That boy would never leave her so soon, would he?


Joseph looked at Nicole and saw she was lost in thought. He knew that she was missing Lucas again.


He really hoped that he could replace Lucas. If he had let the eldest brother run away, maybe Mommy would not be so sad, 

and Daddy would not be so sad as well.


The eldest brother was very clever, and he would do everything first. If the eldest brother was here, he would certainly make 

everyone happy.


Joseph felt sad again.


"Mommy, I'll find out Lucas!"




While Nicole was talking to Joseph, Laurel came in with the porridge.


Nicole's stomach felt sick at the smell of millet gruel, but she thought of Samuel and Zoe.


She swallowed the rice porridge and whispered, "Mom, take Joseph out. I can do it alone.”


“Would you?”


Laurel was worried.


Although she hoped that Nicole would rise to her feet and overcome herself, she was still a little uneasy.


Nicole nodded and said firmly, "I can do it.”


She had her pride. As for her vulnerability, she didn’t want anyone to see it but Samuel.


What she wanted only was the one who loved her and understood her to know her discomfort and sadness.


Laurel saw Nicole's pride and nodded. "Joseph and I are right outside the door,’ she said. "If you need anything, please call us”




Laurel took Joseph away with her. Although Joseph was very unhappy, he did not refuse.


When Nicole was alone in the room, her stomach was sick again as she looked at the bowl of millet gruel.


She had resisted it before she had even eaten.


She knew it was her mind that was at work.


A lot of things were flashing through her mind, especially those days on the ship, and it was like a nightmare hunting Nicole.


She shivered and trembled, and even wanted to knock the millet gruel to the ground.


But right here, she touched her cell phone.


Samuel had just bought her the phone, with a picture of the two of them on the screen. It looked like Samuel took it while she 

was asleep.


Looking at Samuel's gentle eyes on the screen, Nicole's heart suddenly ached.


How could she continue to make him worry when he was working so hard and struggling to support a broken family?


As long as Samuel was here, and as long as Zoe was here, she was not afraid of anything, was she?


Nicole took a deep breath, picked up a spoon and put the gruel in her mouth.


There was still no smell, and came a hint of nausea, but Nicole tried to keep herself from running to the bathroom, and her 

mind went back to the confident way Samuel had looked when she first met him.


She burst out laughing.



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