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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 62

Jacob Brown walked away, and the door fell loudly.


Nicole Bush feels scared!


Is he really an assistant?


He got some great temper!


Samuel Green was shocked by Jacob Brown's movements and ran out quickly, obviously relieved when he saw that Nicole Bush was fine.


“What happened?”


He asked with concern.


Nicole Bush shrugged and said, “Your assistant is very grumpy.”


“I will talk to him tomorrow.”


Samuel Green finished gently and turned back to the kitchen.


When the food was served again, the color was significantly better than the first time.


Nicole Bush saw Samuel Green being scalded with oil stains on the back of his hands, those red bubbles looks scary.


She also knows that this may be the first time Samuel Green has cooked, but she act as if she didn't notice it, she bowed her head and took a sip without commenting.


Seeing that Nicole Bush did not make comment, Samuel Green sat down, picked up the chopsticks and took a bite, but suddenly his face turn pale, and cold sweat also oozed from his forehead.


“Sir, did you have a stomach problem again?”


Seeing this, Zama quickly stepped forward and poured a glass of warm water for Samuel Green. The servant behind him quickly went to get the stomach medicine and took it to Samuel Green.


Nicole Bush just looked at it silently, but she was puzzled.


When she left five years ago, Samuel Green had no stomach problems. Did he get it in the past five years?


Sure enough, he was punished by God because he was too cold blooded?


Nicole Bush bowed her head to eat, not caring about the mess, as if everything next to her had nothing to do with her.


Samuel Green's pain eased a little, only to find that Nicole Bush hadn't given him a glance from beginning to end, and even eat those food happily.


He couldn't help want to cried.


Zama saw Nicole Bush being so indifferent, she wanted to say something, but she was afraid that Samuel Green was uncomfortable. However, she really wanted to say something.


Nicole Bush put down the chopsticks and said with a smile, “I've finished, Mr. Green, take your time.”


After that, she pushed the wheelchair directly to the stairs. when she was about to jump upstairs, she felt that she was lifted and she was hugged by Samuel Green.


“Tomorrow I will let the maid move the bedroom down so that you can enter the bedroom more easily.”


Nicole Bush paused for a while and said with a smile, “It would be better for me to sleep in the guest room today, which is more convenient.”


Samuel Green looked at her and couldn't find the hint of joking at all.


She really doesn't want to share the bed with him!


Realizing this, Samuel Green is very upset, but it has not been overly expressed.


“Rest assure, I will sleep in the study tonight.”

Hearing Samuel Green say this, Nicole Bush's heart finally relaxed.


“Why should Mr. Green be wronged by yourself? This is your word, don't go to the wrong room when you leave, or else you will cause misunderstandings.”


Nicole Bush smiled brightly, but the smile burned Samuel Green's eyes.


Once she wouldn't sleep until she waited for him to came back, but now she refused to approach him. Is it really time that changed everything?


Samuel Green sighed slightly and took Nicole Bush into the bedroom.


“Want to take a shower? I will help you.”


“No, I can do it myself, thank you.”


Nicole Bush is always alienated from Samuel Green, maintaining the basic courtesy, but revealing indifference and alienation every moment.


Samuel Green looked at her, and said nothing in the end, put her on the bed and left the room.


Nicole Bush wanted to send a safe video to her daughter, only to remember that the phone was still under Samuel Green's 

control. she wanted to call him back to get her phone, but after thinking about it, she still do nothing.


Samuel Green left the room but did not leave.


He stood at the door of the room, listening to Nicole Bush singing happily, and hopping to the bathroom. Random sounds of water came. He couldn't help but think of Nicole Bush's perfect figure and the scene on the bed.


After five years of life like a monk, the hot wife is back now, he can watch it but can't do it. The feeling was like a pain in his ass.


He took out his cigarette and lit it, then took a violent sip, but choked himself, coughing again.


Zama happened to come up. Seeing this scene, she quickly took the smoke from Samuel Green.


“Sir, you are in poor health, don't smoke. I have packed up the room, sir, go to the room tonight.”


Samuel Green looked at the closed door and whispered, “Zama, you know, I have had neurosism for the past five years, and I can't sleep without sleeping pills. Now she is here and I won't go anywhere.”


His eyes seemed to stick to the door, and he even wished to see through the door.


Zama has never seen such a lonely Samuel Green, and said distressedly, “Sir, she is also just looking pretty, she id far worse than your wife.”


Samuel Green just smiled, said nothing, patted Zama on the shoulder, and went to the study alone.



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