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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 22

“Who are you? Shut up. Are you allowed to talk here?"

At this moment, Laura rushed in, pointing at Maximilian’s nose and cursing. She looked at Victoria and Maximilian bitterly.

He was such a worthless wretch. What else was he going to say? He thought they were not ashamed enough, didn't he?

Samuel did not want to dwell on this matter ether. He said,

"All right, since you've got the contract, you siblings must work together to work it out. It is an opportunity for the Griffith group to rank into the upper class in H City. You must work hard and not be negligent. Do you understand?”

Franklin nodded and said,

"Yes, Grandpa. I'm sure I won't let you down."

Iris also nodded.

"What about you, Victoria?”

Samuel turned his head, and said in embarrassment.

"Got it, Grandpa." Victoria replied.

Only then did Samuel nod. He talked with other people for a while and was about to leave.

The entire side hall became noisy and lively because the Griffiths had entered into a contract with Graham Group.

But, suddenly, a discordant voice broke the atmosphere.

"Grandpa, I remembered that last time Victoria made a bet with Franklin. If she took the contract, she would be vice president of the company."

Maximilian said. He sat beside Victoria and saw that Victoria was spaced out when she sat down. He looked at her with tender love. Pow!

Franklin slapped the table and pointed at Maximilian, shouting angrily,

“You are too insolent! Maximilian, this is our the Griffiths's mid-year party. You are not our families. You have no right to speak here.”

Of course Franklin remembered the bet, but he would not mention it.

He thought that Victoria would not mention it either.

After all, this contract was strange, and maybe Victoria had got it through some dirty means.

"That's right. Maximilian, you don't even take a good look at yourself. How dare you contradict Franklin three times? You disrespect our family, didn't you?"

Iris also shouted at Maximilian with sharp words.

Laura was even more furious. She rushed over toward Maximilian and would like to slap him. She shouted,

"Maximilian, get your ass out of here. It’s none of your business!"

But she failed to slap him.

Because Victoria, who had been silent, stood up at this moment and stared at Laura coldly. Victoria said,

"Mom, that's enough. Maximilian is my husband!"

Laura was also stunned. She did not expect that her daughter would actually defend Maximilian, who was such a wimp.

"Victoria, you...you are crazy. Why are you speaking for the worthless loser?"

Laura's face was red and her eyes were wide open.

Victoria stared at Franklin coldly and said,

"Maximilian is right. If I hadn't got the contract of Graham Group today, maybe you would drive me out of the company.

Now, since I've got this contract, I should be the vice president."

After saying that, Victoria turned to look at Samuel and said,

"Grandpa, you promised."

Samuel tightly gripped the cane. He frowned and snorted,

"Let's take a long look at this matter!"

After saying that, Samuel immediately turned around and left the side hall.

"Grandpa!" Victoria became anxious.

However, Samuel did not stop at all.

Franklin sneered madly and said,

“Ah, Victoria, look. Are you sad now?"

"Remember. Even if you win the contract with the Graham Group, the vice president position won't be yours! I'm the eldest grandson of the Griffiths, so I'm the future successor in Grandpa's mind! I'll also become the head of the Griffiths!"

After saying that, Franklin left with other relatives of the Griffiths.

"How could grandpa do this?" Victoria was aggravated.


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