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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 23


Not yet. It was not the right time.


Maximilian smiled and said,


"I encouraged you in the first place, and the reason why you got the contract maybe have something to do with Mr. Zak."


Mr. Zak? Hearing the name, Laura raised her eyebrows and then asked in excitement.


"Darling, are you really dating Mr. Zak?"


Victoria immediately glanced at Laura angrily and said coldly,


"No. You are kidding me. I have nothing to do with him.’


After saying that, she glared at Maximilian with a little anger and dragged him into the bedroom. She crashed the door shut behind her and asked him coldly,


"What did you mean? Do you also suspect me?"


Victoria was angry, and her face was slightly red, crystal teardrops were swirling in her eyes.


She had never suspected Maximilian, but what he said just now indicated that he was doubting her!


He was satirizing her in a different way, didn't he?


"Maximilian, you are not a man. I'm your wife!"


Victoria became furious and pounded her small fists on Maximilian’s chest.


Maximilian hurriedly hugged Victoria and said,


"Victoria, you misunderstood. I mean last time Mr. Graham might be afraid that you will call the police because the Graham Group is also a big listed company. What they did was to show the white feather to you. If I remembered correctly, Zak will soon come back to apologize to you.”


Upon hearing this, Victoria's eyes blinked with tears in them. She stared at Maximilian and asked in a low voice,Really?”


Maximilian nodded and said, "Little fool. I'll never doubt you. I love you more than I can Say."


Suddenly, Victoria's cheeks were scarlet. She immediately realized something and violently pushed Maximilian away. She wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, and said,


"You are talking nonsense. I don't want to talk to you.’


Then she turned around, left the bedroom and went into the bathroom.


Maximilian watched Victoria turn around and walk away elegantly. He smiled and took out his phone to send a text message to Ralphy.


Meanwhile, in the living room, Laura was extremely excited.


"Hey, honey. It’s a good thing that Victoria really dates with the young master of Graham Group, isn't it?"


Laura now believed that her daughter would marry into a wealthy family, and she would gain some advantage and become a rich lady.


Marcus shook his head helplessly and said,


"Do you want us to be laughed at by the Griffiths and the whole city?"


Laura became unhappy when she heard that and pushed Marcus for several times. She asked him,


"What do you mean? Am I willing to be humiliated? I don’t want our daughter to live with the loser Maximilian for the rest of her life. What can he bring to our family? Whatever. She must divorce that loser!"


Marcus was about to say something else, but he could only shake his head and walk away with the newspaper. She was crazy and unbelievable.


Outside the room, Maximilian had taken something and was about to go out to take care of Sissi in hospital.


He heard all of his mother-in-law's words just now, and he had long since got used to these words.


"Mom, I'm going to the hospital."


Maximilian said politely.


When Laura saw him go out, she scolded him with hatred.


"Get out of here. I hope you never come back."


Every time when she saw the loser Maximilian, she would get angry.


On the following day,In Yunshen Pharmaceuticals,

After yesterday's party, the whole company now was unusually busy. Everyone was talking about that incident last night in secret.


"Hey. Do you know how exactly did our Director Victoria get the cooperation contract with the Graham Group?"


"Oh. What else could she do? Didn't you hear Manager Griffith say that Director Victoria met with Mr. Zak in private. You know.’


"Wow, she slept with him, didn’t she? I did not expect Director Victoria to be this kind of woman. It's too dirty.”


Ahem! Suddenly, they heard a violent cough, so everyone returned to normal.


Franklin walked over and shouted angrily,


"What's going on? You are even chatting early in the morning. You don't have to work, do you?"


Because of what happened last night, Franklin was in a bad mood until now. He went into his office after shouting at staff.


As soon as he entered the office, he began to process the video that he had asked someone to shoot. In the video, Zak and Victoria entered the Bella Club one after the other. He then posted the video to the Wechat group of the whole company.


It brought an intense discussion in the Wechat group immediately.


There are all sorts of speculation and trolling of Victoria.


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