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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 25

"I... don't know, either."

Leila was shocked as well.

How did this happen?

The bastard Maximilian had actually prepared the birthday party at Caesar Palace Hotel!

No. Caesar Palace Hotel had been chartered today. How did he prepared for it?


Suddenly, some thoughts appeared in Leila’s mind, making her feel dazed immediately.

Maximilian was the mysterious billionaire who had chartered Caesar Palace Hotel, wasn't he?

How could it be possible?

The elevator rose steadily. The excited shouts of the crowd could be heard all the way. The elevator reached the top, the giant

blooming crystal white rose that was visible to the whole city.

Pure, elegant, and happy.

At this moment, the women in the crowd on the floor were moved to tears.

It was so breathtaking and happy.

Victoria was still at loss and standing in a daze at the elevator door.

"Leila, what's going on here?

Why do you bring me here?

Did Maximilian ask you to do this?"

Victoria wasn't stupid and instantly thought of something.

But this is Caesar Palace Hotel, and it was already chartered by a mysterious billionaire many days ago.

Leila reacted by now and looked at Victoria with guilt. She said,

"Victoria, I'm sorry. I did not know. It was Maximilian who asked me to bring you here, but I didn't expect..."

Leila was anxious. What the hell was Maximilian going to do?

If they mistakenly barged into another's birthday party and caused the sensation accidentally, they would get into trouble.

Suddenly, Lovely Sissi pointed to the huge crystal white rose and shouted,

"Daddy. It's Daddy.”

Victoria and Leila raised their eyebrows and looked up at the same time. They saw a man in a black suit, standing in that huge crystal white rose palace, playing a violin.

The melodious music rang out, ethereal and gentle, and the notes like a beating genie, were floating in the roof of Caesar Palace, floating in heaven and earth.

In an instant, the entire crowd of tens of thousands of people fell silent and listened to the music in silence.

Everyone looked up at this crystal white rose. Although they hadn't seen the couple from beginning to end, they had felt their happiness.

Maximilian put down his violin like a knight in a black suit. He walked step by step along the road covered by red rose to Victoria.

Victoria smiled happily. As she kept smiling, tears rolled down from the corners of her eyes constantly.

Looking at them, Leila was moved by the happy couple. She got a new understanding of love.

The couple were indeed eye-catching.

They were so happy!

Maximilian bent slightly and extended his hand to Victoria as a gentleman's invitation.

Victoria gently held his wide warm palm. Maximilian stretched out his other hand to hold Sissi in his arms. Sissi was so happy like a little princess. Then he took them up to the crystal white rose.

While they were walking, red and white rose petals fell throughout Caesar Palace Hotel.

People in the crowd could not see the appearance of the couple, but they all moved to tears in excitement.

At this moment, every woman in the crowd undoubtedly became so admiring and envious that they were going crazy.

Franklin and other young people of the Griffiths were naturally there, and they had chosen a position with a good view, but still failed to see the couple clearly.

However, Iris on the side looked at them coldly because from the time the elevator arrived just now, she noticed Leila in the elevator!

She was the best friend of Victoria!

Unexpectedly, she was here, which meant that the woman holding the child in the elevator was Victoria, wasn't she? No. It was absolutely impossible!


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