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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 28

Sarah's yelling aroused discussion among the crowd watching,

"What? That loser Maximilian actually did commit such an indecent behavior?"

"He is surprisingly perverted, who usually seems to be honest. A scum like him should be fired!"

"He has such a good-looking wife, so I don't understand why he still does such a behavior?"

The chatter of the people around them soon turned to vocal criticism of Maximilian.

Just because he was too trash, everyone could humiliate him for no reason.

Sarah wrapped her arms around her chest and looked at Maximilian with an arrogant face. Coldness flashing in the corners of her eyes.

“So you're so unpopular here, then it seems like you'll definitely be fired today!”

Maximilian also tried his best to explain at this moment.

"I didn't, I really didn't......"

Pow! Sarah slapped Maximilian’s face again and scolded,

"Don't argue with me! Could it be that I framed you? "

As soon as she said that, a few women next to her echoed,

"You don't need to talk to him anymore. You can directly call the police to catch him!

I have been here before and he has violated me too! "

That would be complete nonsense.

Even some of the other employees in the massage parlor began to gloat, saying

"Let me tell you that he is Maximilian, the loser son-in-law of the Griffiths. He was able to work here because his wife begged our big boss. I didn't expect him to be so nasty!"

Maximilian looked at the outraged crowd as if he had actually done something intolerable.

"I didn't!"

Maximilian explained with his fists clenched tightly.

However, he suffered more accusations and reprimands as soon as he spoke.

"Where's the manager! Where's your manager?"

Sarah yelled unreasonably and arrogantly, in order to make things worse.

"Hey, here I am, Miss Sarah. What's the matter? Who upset you?"

At this time, a middle-aged man with a blessed body and greasy face came over. The belt on his stomach was almost cut off.

Isaac Webb, the manager of this store. He was stingy and mean, so he treats employees extremely harshly.

However, he was now incomparably flattering to Sarah.

He knew Sarah because he had personally handled her membership two days ago, and she charged 100,000 dollars!

The one who accompanied her in the first place was a rich big boss with a fortune over ten million dollars.


Sarah snorted coldly, pointing to Maximilian, and shouted,

"This man just molested me while he was giving me a massage. It is up to you!"

Isaac immediately turned around and saw Maximilian. He frowned and asked contemptuously,

"Maximilian, how could it be you?"

Isaac was disgusted with Maximilian for three years. He didn't know why the big boss recruited such a loser.

Such an employee who had been sufficiently ashamed was now still ruining the reputation of Supreme Beauty SPA.

Isaac can't tolerate him anymore!

He immediately chided,

“Did you sexually harass our guest?

Do you know the rules of our shop? How can you do such a thing!

Immediately apologize to Miss Sarah, and then get out! "

Isaac tidied up his suit with a sneer and triumph.


He finally got a chance to teach Maximilian a lesson!


He must be fired this time anyway!


Maximilian hurriedly explained,


"Manager, I did not do that. She framed me."


"Shut up ! How could Miss Sarah falsely frame a loser like you for no reason?"


Isaac chided, then turned to Sarah with smile,


"Miss Sarah, don't worry. I will definitely punish him severely.’


Sarah nodded proudly with mockery as she looked at Maximilian, and said,


"Now do you know what happens when you offend me?


What qualifications do you have to appear in front of me as a loser?"


Seeing Sarah being aggressive towards Maximilian, lsaac immediately agreed like a flattery, shouting,


"Maximilian, I don't care what you have to say in your defense. Immediately apologize to Miss Sarah now! And then, get the hell out of here!"


Isaac was furious at the moment, which made Maximilian crazy!


If the news of molesting customers in the shop spread out, the SPA massage shop would be closed down.


This loser always caused trouble!


"Son of bitch, don't be aggressive to me. I said I didn't do that kind of thing, then I just didn't do it! You can drive me away, but before I go, I must make it clear that I didn't do it! In addition, you are fired by me! "


Maximilian was also furious!


He was the noble young master of the Dragon Sect, how could they insult and slander him at will?


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