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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 29

Isaac was furious at the time.

Was Maximilian looking for trouble?

How dared he to stand in the way on the red carpet where the new boss was about to get off.

"Maximilian, what are you doing there?

Get the hell out of the way!"

Isaac pointed at Maximilian and shouted angrily.

Isaac regretted not teaching and reprimanding him before!

Maximilian raised his brows and thought, did he have any problems with where he stood?

Isaac must be deliberately having trouble with him.

“Fine, you are so arrogant. Then let's see how you do it later!”

"Haha, Maximilian is in deep shit this time, because the manager is already furious."

"That matter has not been resolved just now, So it is estimated that the manager will punish him all together in a while."

"Hush, be careful to be heard by the manager, otherwise we will all suffer together!"

Several employees muttered quietly, while others gloated indifferently.

The person among them who got along well with Maximilian couldn't help feeling nervous for him.

Even Archer glanced at Maximilian coldly. If Archer didn't consider Victoria's favor, Maximilian would not be recruited.

Immediately afterwards, he said to Isaac coldly,

"Fire him in your free time. Give him three months’ salary."

Isaac immediately understood, and nodded with a smile.

"Okay, boss. But the three-month salary is not necessary, because he just assaulted a female guest. Instead, he has to pay her compensation."

When Archer heard this, he raised his eyebrows and said angrily,

"Molesting a female guest? This matter, handle it well. Don't leave a bad impression on the new boss. "

Isaac nodded. "No problem, I will handle it."

After speaking, Archer had already arranged his appearance and suit, and walked towards the Rolls Royce with a smile on his face.

Isaac looked at Maximilian arrogantly with his hands behind his back and said,

"Maximilian, according to the boss Archer, now you can pack your things and get out!"

Maximilian glanced at Archer coldly and said,

"I diot."

All the employees present heard this "idiot" and looked at Maximilian with weird eyes.

Did he just give up on himself and plan to resign?

Isaac immediately poked Maximilian’s chest with his finger angrily, and shouted:

"Shit! Bastard, how dare you! Do you dare to scold me again? "

Maximilian said with a sneer.

"Okay, then I will meet your strange request. Idiot, your whole family is an idiot!"

"Shit! Maximilian, you are a dead man now! Now you are not only fired, but also accused of sexually harassing female guests. You will be detained for at least ten days!

Moreover, you have to compensate for the reputation loss of our store and the mental loss of Miss Sarah! "

Isaac yelled with a grim face and a blue face.

This Maximilian was really ignorant. He was so arrogant!

Maximilian should be aware that he was just a low-level employee. How dare he scold Isaac?

Isaac will punish Maximilian!

Suddenly,the door of the Rolls Royce was opened, and an old man in a black tuxedo with a cane walked down from it. The old man shouted angrily,

“You are too insolent! Who dares to fire and accuse the young master!"

Then, as everyone watched in shock, the old man directly ignored Archer who was approaching him with a flattering smile, and strode to Maximilian!

Stand at attention, bend over, and bow his head.

All in one go. His movements were not muddled and full of respect.

"Young master, sorry I'm late."

Wilfred said respectfully.

The small sound directly shocked the audiences around!

Young Master?

Hiss, everyone was stunned!

How did Maximilian become a young master?

What happened? Archer's smile froze with a horrible expression.

Isaac was even more stunned, with his mouth opened widely in disbelief and said,

“Sir, are you our new boss? Isn't it a young man? And what are you doing now? Maximilian is just an employee in our store, so you must have mistaken."

Wilfred glanced at him coldly.

This humble man had no idea that the young master standing in front of him was a noble man!

Archer frowned, trot over and said respectfully and enthusiastically,

"Wilfred, please don't joke about it. Let's go inside and talk "

Archer recognized him at first glance.

Wilfred, who is the richest man in the entire region, was a wealthy and influential man!

In the small city of H City, Wilfred was absolutely powerful.

However, Wilfred stood motionless, and his expression became even more respectful. He glanced at Archer and Isaac coldly, and said displeased.

"I didn't joking with you, he is the new boss of the store!”

The audiences burst into an uproar!


Maximilian is the new boss?


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