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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 33

The New Hemp Building!


This 300-meter skyscraper was the tallest building in H City!


You can get a bird's eye view of the entire H City in it, including the Han River.


New Hemp Group was the very owner of this building.


This building, including the New Hemp Group, was a group of companies founded by the most wealthy man in Chuzhou.


In H City, the New Hemp Group was definitely a large conglomerate second to none, and a Fortune 500 company ranked in the top 100, with a powerful background and strength!


In the whole H City, there was no one who didn't want to squeeze their way into this group.


At this time, the antique topmost floor of New Hemp Group, which was also its chairman's office, was completely fitted up in the pattern of the ancient waterfront garden architecture.


It had small bridges over the flowing streams, pavilions and costs a hundred million dollars!


Maximilian stood with his hands folded in front of the large French window, overlooking the night scene and neon of H City, and took out a golden coin carved with a golden dragon and an obscure letter A. He dropped it directly on the desk, and said to Wilfred, who was standing respectfully behind him.


“Use my rights as the Dragon Sect heir to create the largest pharmaceutical research company in H City.”


Dragon coin! When this coin was released, the entire world would respect it!


The Dragon coin represented the Dragon Sect. Whoever possessed it can have anyone and any power in the world help him with anything!


Meanwhile, the person who receives this coin can have Dragon Sect do one thing for him.


It was a pass and a symbol. No one knew exactly how many Dragon coins there were released.


Wilfred nodded, picked up the Dragon coin, and respectfully said,


"What you want to do is naturally fine, and I'll arrange for it immediately.


"Be quick. I don't want to wait”


Maximilian said gently.


Wilfred nodded and said, "No problem, but, I would like to ask one more question. Why do you suddenly want to build a 

pharmaceutical research company?"


“The Griffiths is in the pharmaceutical business, and the medicines developed by our pharmaceutical research institute will be given to it to sell. So the first batch of medicines must be developed as soon as possible.”


Maximilian said softly, with a light blooming in his eyes.


Wilfred froze and asked with suspicion,


"The Griffiths? You have never been taken seriously in the Griffiths, and have been bullied by them for four years. Why do you 

want to do so?"


The Griffith, sooner or later, would realize their stupidity!


With a slight smile, Maximilian said.


“It's not for Samuel, but for Victoria. The cooperation with our medical research institute is naturally in charge by Victoria, and no one else can interfere!”


Wilfred smiled in relief, understanding the young lord's intentions.


“You want Victoria to come to the fore, gain the approval of Mr. Samuel, and then become the candidate for the head of the Griffiths?” Wilfred asked.


Maximilian nodded and said,


“That's right. In the past four years, Victoria has been sneered at by the Griffith because of me, and has become a disgrace to the family and H City. I have no great ability, and can only do this for her. That's what I promised her. I'm going to take off the label of shame and uselessness for her.”


When Wilfred heard these words from Maximilian, tears came to his eyes.


Their young master was simply too good for his lady.


Once Maximilian left the New Hemp Building, Wilfred took out his phone and dialed Dragon Sect's internal line.


"The young master is going to invest in a pharmaceutical research enterprise in H City, and the initial budget is two billion dollars.”


On the other end of the line, a sweet female voice answered with great respect.


"Okay, it will be in the account at 9 a.m. tomorrow.."




Wilfred hung up the phone and muttered, holding the golden Dragon coin in his hand, raising his eyebrows to see the night scene outside the window.


“Great change will take place in H City.”


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