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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 46

As soon as Maximilian said this, Travis, who was in front of him heard it and immediately puffed out a laugh. He turned his face around and asked with a mocking expression on his face,


“What? Did you say that you have a membership card of the Hankook Palace?


Where did it come from?


Is it a fake?”


Travis thought Maximilian was really shameless.


How dare he say that he had a membership card of the Hankook Palace?


Did he know one had to consume at least a million dollars a year first to get a membership card?


Even for the Hart family, only his father had one.


What an idiot!


Laura's face suddenly darkened. She glared at Maximilian and shouted,


“Maximilian, what are you talking about?


Do you want me to throw you off the car?”


Victoria turned her face slightly and glanced at Maximilian angrily.


Why did he interrupt and talk about it at this time? Wasn't he looking for scolding?


Maximilian chuckled and said,


“Oh, it’s not mine. My friend left it with me.”


Travis laughed, a sneering chill appearing at the corners of his eyes, and he said in a nonchalant manner,


“Maximilian, well done! I can't believe a loser like you still has a friend like that?”


Maximilian grinned slightly and said,


“It's okay. There are so many things you don't know.”


Upon hearing this, Travis became angry, shouting,


“What do you mean by that?”


“Oh, literal meaning.”


Maximilian still smiled calmly.


Seeing that the two were about to argue, Victoria hurriedly turned her head and glared at Maximilian, then scolded,


“Well, cut the crap.”


Following that, she turned her face to Travis with an apologetic smile and said,


“Travis, sorry to make you embarrassed. Don't be too hard on him.”


“It's okay. I won't be hard on a loser.”


Travis sneered twice and glanced at Maximilian with displeasure for a few moments before he asked Victoria,


“Well, where do you want to eat? It’s up to you.”


Victoria looked at the online restaurant reviews, thought for a moment, and said,


“Lesdone, it looks good and has a nice setting.”




Travis smiled, turned around, and drove.


Maximilian frowned when he heard the name of Lasdun. Why did she go to this expense restaurant?


Lasdun was a famous chain restaurant in the country!


And it cost at least hundreds of thousands of dollars for a meal!


However, Victoria didn't seem to know that.


Soon, they arrived at Lasdun and the moment Victoria got out of the car, she froze in place.


How could it be this “Lasdun’”?


The red pavilion carved with dragons and phoenixes was famous in H City as the “Red Tower’.


The people who come here to eat were all the dignitaries of H City.


Because what they ate here were all dishes specially made for Emperor in ancient times


Oh, no! The names of two restaurants had the similar pronunciation, and Travis must have misunderstood her!


What she said was Lesdone, not Lasdun.


A meal in Lasdun cost a fortune, and Victoria knew it. What should she do now?


Maximilian also noticed the change in Victoria's complexion and asked in a small voice, “What's wrong?”


Victoria looked at Maximilian with an aggrieved face and said,


“I'm not talking about Lasdun...It is a famous restaurant in H City and the consumption is very high. What can I do?”



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