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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 47

Right now, Travis wanted to hammer Maximilian to death here with a single punch!


But, Maximilian let out a cold laugh and directly shook off Travis’s hand as he said in a deep voice,


“Travis, don't flatter yourself. My wife invited you here for dinner just to return your favor. Besides, you know it in your heart whether you have helped with the contract of the Graham Group. Must I tell the truth to Victoria?”


After speaking, Maximilian turned around and left.


However, Travis was furious! He clenched his fist and gave a sharp gulp. Then he pointed at Maximilian and yelled,


“Maximilian, what do you mean? Is it possible that the new contract of the Graham Group was arranged for her by you, a loser? Well, you're good at jokes. Who would believe that it was won by a wimp like you? After saying that, Travis patted Maximilian’s shoulder and whispered in his ear.


“You are just a loser and you will never be able to match a single hair of mine in your life!”


After saying that, Travis tugged at his suit with a smug look on his face and lifted his steps to catch up with Victoria.


Maximilian stood alone in the doorway, clenched his fist, and exhaled a breath with a sneer from the corners of his mouth.


“Can't compare with you? Ah ah! With a word from me, the Hart Group will disintegrate in an instant. I am keeping you just because you haven't gone too far.”


Maximilian thought in his mind.


After smoking a cigarette, Maximilian turned around and entered the hall.


As soon as they entered the hall of Lasdun, they were attracted by the opulent decoration inside. It was too luxurious and 



Even for a second-generation rich like Travis, it was rare for him to come here a few times a year, and every time he came in, 

he had to sigh with rich emotions.


After all, those who could dine at Lasdun were well-known entrepreneurs and wealthy people in H City. To eat here was a sign 

of status and wealth.


Thinking about it, Travis took out his phone and took a selfie of himself standing at the famous landmark Golden Dragon Gate of the Lesdone and then posted it on Twitter.


Following that, Travis turned from a guest into a host and introduced Laura and Victoria to the construction pattern of Lasdun and the special dishes that were prepared for Emperors in ancient times.


“Auntie, uncle, Victoria, I've been here a few times. The meals are all at the state banquet level. In the past, only emperor could eat such kind of dishes. Especially the wine here is a premium collection. You can't find it outside.”


After saying that, Travis had a proud look on his face as he waited for the waiter to serve him.


Laura, on the other hand, smiled and complimented, “Wow, Travis is so knowledgeable. Auntie likes you even more.”


With these words, she also came up to Travis’s ear and whispered. “Travis, you should take your time and establish a bond with Victoria. As for Maximilian, don’t worry. Auntie will clear the way for you.”


Upon hearing this, Travis laughed and whispered, “Then thank you in advance, Auntie. After I marry Victoria, you can be my mother-in-law and I will naturally be filial to you.”


Laura was happy to hear this and smiled like a young girl.


Travis raised his eyebrows, looked provocatively at Maximilian behind him, and gave a middle finger.


Maximilian just pretended not to see him and sent a text message to Wilfred.


Soon, a tall waitress in courtly cheongsam came over, with a respectful smile on her face, and said “Excuse me, do you have a reservation?”


With the hands in his trouser pockets, Travis raised his chin, looked at the Rolex on his wrist, and said, “Yes, I've contacted your Manager Thomas, Room 438.”



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