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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 59



Tenson Pharmaceutical cut off its partnership with them?


Samuel was surprised. He frowned and asked,


"What happened? Our relation is good. Why did they suddenly decide to cut off the cooperation with us?"


The butler hurriedly said, "Sir, Ihave asked them, and the explanation they provided was that their factory was not function well lately, hence, they are cutting off staff on a large scale, and have to stop cooperation with many pharmaceutical companies, including us."


Hearing this, all people in the inner hall looked at each other with suspicion.


Franklin and Andrew looked at each other before the former got up, saying,


“Grandfather, it’s just Tenson Pharmaceutical. We don't have so much cooperation with them and the loss is only millions a year.’


"Franklin is right. Don’t worry about this, father. I will go to have a meeting with other pharmaceutical factory instead.”


Andrew said with a smile. Samuel nodded and took a relief.


"Well, Andrew, just hurry up next morning. The midyear is over, and it’s time to plan for the second half year. We must try to double the company’s profits this year. Do you understand what I’m saying?"


"No problem. If Franklin and I work harder, I think that goal is not hard to reach.”


Andrew smiled, full of confidence.


This incident did not seem to make any waves in the Griffith family.


However, within a few minutes, another man came in to inform,


"Sir, sir, bad news again! Lixin Group, Huatian Pharmaceutical, and Baisheng Pharmaceutical, the three pharmaceutical giants in H city, announced that they had cut off their cooperation with Yunsheng Pharmaceutical at the same time!"


Poof! The man who rushed in fell on the floor before getting into the inner hall.




Samuel stood up from his chair instantly. His body was trembling, his hands were clenching tightly, his pupils were shrinking, and his breath was becoming unsteady.


The rest of the Griffith family members were filled with shock and panic!


Andrew and Franklin were frozen, glancing at each other, the smiles on their faces were completely gone!


The three giants of pharmaceutical industry announced that they have cut off their cooperation with Yunsheng Pharmaceutical at the same time.


What was going on? everything happened so fast!


"What the hell is going on? hy did they suddenly cut off cooperation with us?”


Samuel was anxious.


The man who informed them hurriedly shook his head and explained.


“Not sure, sir. They didn't say the reason, just give us the notice, and, and...”


“And what, come on!" samuel yelled, the cane in his hand hitting heavily on the floor.


“All of them asked us to pay them the compensation for the breach of contract, that's a total number of three hundred twenty 

million dollars.”


The man who informed them replied in a trembling voice.


"What? Compensation?"


BANG! Samuel's blood pressure came up, and he covered his heart, and collapsed directly on the chair with a painful look.


“Dad, Dad! Hurry up to bring the medicine!"


Andrew rushed over and tried to smooth his father's chest.


The relatives of the Griffith family all went up to see whether Samuel was fine.


Samuel’s face was pale. After taking the pills, he sighed and asked,


"Go to ask them...and find out what's going on.


How can they get so much money for compensation?”


Samuel was panicked. Even if they sold their company, it was hard for them to get the money.


Franklin turned around anxiously, staring at the servant and saying,


"What the hell is going on? Why did the three major companies announce that they've stopped to cooperate with us at the same time? And they ask for compensation? We're the victim!”


The servant trembled and replied.


"Young master, I'm not sure. That's how they informed me, and they said...”


However, before he could finish, another man rushed in. Seeing this, the servant stopped with his heart pounding rapidly.


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