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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 60

Iris's words instantly drew everyone's attention.


Everyone's gaze fell on her. She got afraid and said in a low voice,


"Did I... I say something wrong?"


"That's right, that's right!” Samuel's eyes suddenly lit up and said happily.


"Yes, yes, as long as we can cooperate with the Graham Group, we can alleviate the current situation. Moreover, once we succeed in doing this, we could be famous and those partners might come back to us for cooperation.’


Suddenly, people in the Griffith family started chattering excitedly again.


Good fortune awaits the survivor of a great disaster.


Andrew also smiled and said, "Dad, you're right, now we just have to pass the SPDA’'s inspection!"


However, suddenly, a cold voice came out, breaking everyone's excitement.


"Don't forget that Victoria holds that contract now."


Franklin's mood fell from the top of cliff to the bottom.


Samuel's exciting expression also froze and said in a deep voice.


"It's a matter of life and death for Yunsheng Pharmaceuticals now. Can she play tricks on that? Andrew and Franklin, just go 

the room and bring that contract. We'll make her sign!"


Franklin was worried and said,


"Grandfather, don't forget what she said at the meeting this morning, she was asking for an apology from all of us.”


Samuel's face sank as he ordered,


"Call, call her first.”


Hearing this, Franklin hurriedly took out his phone to dial Victoria's number.


After all, this matter could not be delayed and had to be finalized as soon as possible; otherwise, any delay would be lethal to 

Yunsheng Pharmaceutical.


At this time, Victoria was watching television in the living room. She got angry with her mother because she paid Maximilian for dinner.


All of a sudden!


The rapid ring broke through the living room and startled Victoria, who was sitting cross-legged on the sofa.


She glanced at the screen of the phone on the table. It was from Franklin.


She was about to pick up the phone when Maximilian, showed up and grabbed it.


It's from Franklin. Maybe he wants you to do him a favor.’


Maximilian looked at Victoria and said.


Victoria flushed and asked in confusion, “What will he ask me to do?"


Instead of speaking, Maximilian picked up the phone and turned on the speaker mode.


Instantly, Franklin's anxious voice came from the other side of the phone.


"Victoria, hurry up to the old mansion and bring your contract with Graham Group with you!”


His tone was dominant and commanding.


His words made Victoria unpleasant. Franklin really thought highly of himself.


She looked at Maximilian, asking him what to do next?


Maximilian chuckled and let Victoria not to say anything.


"Victoria is not home. She went to travel with her best friend, Leila.” Maximilian said.


Hearing Maximilian’s voice, Franklin turned around to look at Andrew and Samuel, then he yelled impatiently,


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