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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 68

When Bianca heard these words, her face instantly sank and her tone was clear and cold as she replied, “Marcelo, who let you barge in here? get out!”


She disliked Marcelo, a greasy middle-aged man, because he always coveted her beauty and had been harassing her for a long time.


As long as he could, this guy would come running in while trying to ask her out for dinner shamelessly.


Moreover, his hands were not clean. He was a petty thief causing trouble outside, and he invited villains from the community and recruited his relatives into the Vienna Concert Hall.


Matilda, for example, was brought in like this and single-handedly promoted by Marcelo.


“Bianca, what do you mean by that? I, Marcelo, am at least the head of Vienna, can't I come in and sit down?”


Marcelo sat on the sofa with a big grin and his hands spreading out, while crossing his legs, with a lustful gaze refracted from the corner of his eyes while roaming around Bianca's body.


“I don't have time to argue with you right now, so please get out!” Bianca pointed at the door and bellowed in a cold voice.


Mr. Maximilian was right in front of her, and Marcelo, that fool, was so reckless!


Marcelo laughed, glanced at Maximilian who was standing on the sidelines, and with a playful look on the corner of his mouth, he ridiculed and said, “Oh, good for you, Bianca, you are even looking for someone like a civilian worker, how horny are you?”


Bianca's willow eyebrows twisted as she rebuked,


“Marcelo, what did you say?”


This guy was disgusting!


“Oh, you can understand what I said, and I don't want to talk nonsense to you. Matilda is my subordinate, and you can't fire her. ”


Marcelo said frankly. Matilda, who was beside him, also glanced at Bianca and Maximilian with a cold and mocking face while sneering with contempt in her heart.


Bianca, weren't you rampant? In front of my boyfriend, you didn't dare to say a word!


“Humph!” Bianca snorted coldly and replied,


“Marcelo, don't forget, I'm the manager of Vienna, I have the right to fire anyone, you have no right to interfere!”


“Damn it! Bianca, don't shame you. My brother Marcelo has made the final decision, and he won't be afraid of you with a manager position that you traded your body for!”


Matilda wrapped her arms around her chest and glared at her with a contemptuous expression while saying, “Besides, you're not innocent, bringing in trash like him is a violation of the rules here. If this gets to the boss's ears, I'll see how you can explain it!”


After saying that, she sat her butt on Marcelo’s lap and wrapped her arms around his neck while the two of them leaning intimately together.


“Bianca, I advise you to think about it. Is it worth pissing me off for such a folk? ”


Marcelo laughed threateningly with his fiery gaze resting on Bianca's body, intending to eat the sexy woman alive.


He had been craving for Bianca's body for a long time.


But this woman was always condescending, looked down on him and always treated him with disdains.


Usually, she put on an innocent and high-minded look, but he never thought she would be so slutty in private.


If Matilda hadn't come looking for him today, Marcelo wouldn't have known that Bianca had actually brought a civilian worker into the lounge.


Was this a cheating date?


While thinking about this, Marcelo became even angrier at Maximilian on one side.


This stupid asshole, what made him get a perfect woman like Bianca?


“So what do you want to do?” Bianca asked coldly.


She had been watching the face of Maximilian on one side and noticed that he always looked indifferent.


She understood that Maximilian didn't want to get involved in this.


When Marcelo heard this, he licked his lips and stared lustfully at Bianca's straight and slender legs and laughed while saying,


“It's simple, have dinner with me tonight.”


“Brother Marcelo, what did you say?”


After hearing this, Matilda on the side was instantly enraged like a cat having its tail stepped on while pulling a face and glaring angrily at Marcelo.



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