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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 69

Bianca immediately nodded her head respectfully and said,


“Okay, Mr. Maximilian, I will take care of it right away.”


After hearing this, Marcelo first froze, followed by a few loud laughs, and said with suspicious contempt,


“Kid, what did you just say? Do you want Bianca to fire us all and check me out? Who are you to say such big words? Do you know where you're standing now? How shameful you are to ask our boss to meet you?"


A series of droning questions were asked.


Marcelo was now laughing like he had heard the funniest joke of the year, and his entire body was shaking back and forth.


Matilda also couldn't help but laugh a few times and sneered,


“I told you he was a loser and really thought he was some kind of character, I don't know how a guy like him could survive, how stupid!”


Marcelo and Matilda had never seen such a brazen person. Did they still think that he was more powerful than the boss of Vienna?


That was Master Phillip! Master Phillip, one of the Four masters of H City's underground world!


Who let him say out the words of letting the boss come see me?


He was looking for death!


This was ridiculous!


But then, in the next second, Bianca sneered and picked up his phone, dialed the security department, and said in a cold voice, “Send more people here, and by the way, inform the finance department to submit all the evidence collected about Marcelo's embezzlement and abuse of power for personal gain to the police!”


Bianca had wanted to do something against Marcelo for a long time, and she had collected a lot of evidence in her hands.


Previously, she did not dare to act rashly, as she worried about Marcelo causing some trouble.


Now that Mr. Maximilian had spoken, Marcelo was considered dead.


And, he was going to be a hell of a death!


Just as the words had fallen, Marcelo's laughter stopped abruptly, then his eyes glared and his face darkened as he chided, 


"Bianca, what do you mean by that? Do you really want to move me?"


Bianca didn't say anything.


In less than five minutes, several big and burly security guards barged in. These followed Master Phillip, with great fighting skills, and they immediately gave Marcelo and Matilda, who were sitting on the sofa, a backhanded seizure.


“Fuck! Are you guys so fucking blind that you don't recognize who I am? Let go of me, or I'll tell Master Phillip and let him punish you!” Marcelo struggled and roared.


However, several security guards simply ignored him.


Matilda didn't know what mistakes she had made at this time, and was shouting over there,


“Brother Marcelo, these stinking security guards are simply revolting, and they dare to make a move on you and me, fire them all! Also, tell the boss to come and give them a hard time!"


However, this time, as Maximilian sat blandly on the sofa, Bianca held the freshly printed document in her hand and respectfully handed it to Maximilian while saying, “Mr. Maximilian, this is a notice of dismissal for both of them.”


Maximilian nodded and said lightly, “Post it at the front door, and also, tell your boss. Just tell him that I fired the people, and if he has any comments, come to me directly. ”


Bianca hurriedly bowed her head and said,


“Mr. Lee, you are worrying too much, you are fully responsible for handling this matter, Master Phillip informed me earlier, and you can do whatever you want in Vienna.”


Both Marcelo and Matilda were dumbfounded.


From Bianca's tone and words, they had guessed a horrible truth!


Mr. Maximilian? Could he be? He was the mysterious Mr. Lee!


Mr. Lee, the one who charted the Vienna Concert Hall?


Marcelo and Matilda were in cold sweat!


Poof! Without any hesitation, Marcelo directly fell to his knees and crawled to Maximilian’s heels, hugged his thighs and shouted,


"Oh...... Mr. Maximilian, I'm sorry, I was wrong! I'm blind, I'm dog-eyed, I didn't recognize you, I deserve to die! Please forgive me, I really didn't mean to do it!"


With that, he started slapping himself in the mouth.


That was a tough slap.


Matilda on the side was scared to the point that her legs were weak and she was shaking while sitting paralyzed in her position with her eyes full of panic.


Him? Wasn't he a loser folk? How could he be that Mr. Maximilian!


This couldn't be!


And at that moment, someone from the finance department walked in with the police officers, and they handcuffed Marcelo and took him away without saying a word.


"Mr. Maximilian! I beg you, let me go, I'll never dare to do it again!"


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