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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 73

Cadence was stunned and wiped her mouth with a torn look before finally nodding and saying.


“I'm telling you, but you can't tell anyone that I said it. Victoria was beaten by an investor of the company called Mollie, and she is Franklin's girlfriend.”


“Why did she hit Victoria?"


“Mollie is Franklin's girlfriend, and she wants to stand up for Manager Franklin. After all, Victoria is now the Vice President, which was a position that originally belonged to Manager Franklin."


“Where did she beat my wife?"


“In the office, and in front of all her colleagues, she slapped twice.


I really feel sorry for Victoria. That Mollie is simply too domineering while relying on the fact that she is an investor with the chairman of the board backing her up. She doesn't put Victoria in her eyes at all.


She just came in yesterday and already offended a lot of people. She is a demon." Cadence said with hatred in her tone.


Following that, as if something suddenly occurred to her, her eyes widened and she asked, "Maximilian, you're not trying to teach Mollie a lesson for Victoria, are you?"


Would a wimp like Maximilian really dare to do that?


He was in the Griffith family, but had no status at all. If he was going to handle Mollie, Cadence was afraid that Victoria would not be able to stay well in the company.


Therefore, Mollie hurriedly advised him. “Maximilian, I know you feel sorry for Victoria, but in this matter, I advise you not to interfere.


She's a new investor. The chairman of the board has to show respect to her.


If you do make a move on her, you'll be doing Victoria a disservice."


Maximilian faintly squeezed out a smile while playing with his phone, and said, "Okay, I get it. I've paid for it, so I'll leave now."


After saying that, Maximilian got up and left.


Cadence looked at Maximilian’s back as he left, and she was very suspicious. Suddenly, she felt that she could not see through Maximilian.


Especially the look in his eyes just now, it was so scary.


Moreover, Cadence always felt that this incident would not pass so easily.


Meanwhile, Victoria was in her office writing a proposal plan for a project with the Graham Group.


Because of the heavy tasks and constraint time, Yunsheng Pharmaceutical now lost a large portion of its partners. Although the announcement of the cooperation with Graham Group pulled back some partners, it was still less than half.


Therefore, the pace of cooperation had to be accelerated.




At that moment, the office door was suddenly pushed open from outside with violence!


Mollie barged in with a murderous manner, and she directly slammed the document in her hand onto Victoria's desk, rebuked with her face angrily,


“Director Victoria, what's wrong with the proposal with the Graham Group? It has been a day. When exactly are you going to start? It is hard not to believe that our investors’ money is being used to feed you useless wankers."


Victoria immediately got up, and said to Mollie with a smile, "Miss Mollie, I'm docking with the Graham Group and still working on the proposal. I'll be making a trip over this afternoon to finalize some details of the cooperation.”


With a chilling look on her face, Mollie reached out and pointed her fingers at Victoria's nose while chiding her and saying, "This afternoon? What were you doing this morning? Is this the kind of efficiency you have in this department? Director Victoria, oh no, Vice President Victoria, don't think you can be lazy just because you've just been promoted to be the Vice President. As a member of Yunsheng Pharmaceuticals, you have to contribute to the company and think for our investors. I'll give you one day to come up with a proposal, or else, you'll have to give up your position as Vice President!"


Mollie was here to pick a fight on purpose!


What a day, even if Victoria came up with a proposal now, she would reject it right back!


She had come to take out her anger for Franklin today, and next, she would use all kinds of means to target Victoria and make sure to pull her down from the position of VP!


What a bitch!


Why did Victoria steal his brother Franklin's position as Vice President!


Immediately, Victoria explained.


"Miss Mollie, the cooperation with Graham Group has been finalized, and the next step is the docking of details. We cannot finalize everything within one day, as you should know, we are in pharmaceutical business, and everything must be cautious, one day, I......"




Before Victoria could finish speaking, Mollie went up and slammed a slap on her face when scolded with a cold face.


“Vice President Victoria, this slap is to wake you up, and I hope you understand that I am the investor and what I say counts! Remember, you're just a vice president of Yunsheng Pharmaceuticals, and my words are orders. You can't refute them, and you can't doubt them, do you understand?"


Victoria's fist was clenched, her eyes were red, and her cold gaze was fixed on Mollie in front of her. Outside the door, a number of employees gathered. At that moment they all felt indignant for Victoria.


This new investor was simply bullying and went too far!


Hey, it looked like, in the future, VP Victoria would not be able to stay in the company very well.


Franklin, who was currently just a few meters away from the door of the manager's office sipping tea again, watched the scene with a cold smile on the corners of his mouth.


Victoria, you were dead at this time.


When Cadence returned to the company, and saw this scene, she became anxious and hurriedly sent a text message to Maximilian.


Maximilian, Mollie has gotten Victoria in trouble again and beat her up again!


Maximilian was smoking a cigarette in the small square opposite the company. He had nothing to do today, so he was going to wait for Victoria from work.


At this moment, while seeing the text message, Maximilian was completely furious!


Damn Mollie!


She was looking for trouble again!


Maximilian directly stubbed out his cigarette and angrily rushed into Yunsheng Pharmaceutical!


Inside the company.


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