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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 74

He was so mad!


The dragon came with scales of rebellion, and any offenders must die!


Maximilian rushed to her side and grabbed Mollie's slap that was about to fall and pushed her violently away!


He looked at the trembling Victoria with red slap marks on her face, which was causing his eyes to spew fire!


An uncontainable killing intent completely erupted from Maximilian’s body at this moment!


“Victoria, I'm sorry I'm late."


Maximilian said softly while pulling over the trench coat on the sofa and draping it over Victoria's weak body.


The moment Victoria saw Maximilian arrive; the tears in her eyes couldn't stop flowing out. He appeared when she was at her most aggrieved, helpless and desperate moment. It was Maximilian who appeared, and she bawled and flung herself into Maximilian’s arms,


“Maximilian...... take me home, take me home......”


This cry of pain broke Maximilian's heart.


When Victoria cried, Maximilian's world fell apart!


In this world, no one could bully Victoria!


No one!


No matter who she was, no matter what her background was.


Even if it was the King of Heaven, Maximilian would get it killed with his own hands!


Maximilian took a deep breath and gently patted Victoria's trembling back, comforting her.


“It's okay! I'll take care of it now!”


After saying that, he shielded Victoria behind him and turned around. His eyes were cold with killing intent as he looked at the arrogant and domineering bitch Mollie.


Mollie was flustered several minutes ago, but now she wasn't flustered at all. She was an investor of the company, and even Grandpa Samuel had to give her face.


Not to mention, she knew a lot of influential people in the society.


Who dared to bully her?


"Oh, so you're the wimp husband of this bitch Victoria. Who did I think you were? You are just a poor loser.”


Mollie snorted untamedly while revealing her contempt for Maximilian between her eyes.


It was said that Victoria had a loser husband who had no talent, and when she saw him today, it was really true.


It was a disgrace for him to be covered in dirty clothes.


The Griffith family was at least a second or third-rate family in H City, so this live-in son-in-law was actually such a loser.


Ah ah! It looked like he was just a piece of trash and scum!


Therefore, Mollie despised Maximilian from the bottom of her heart, and she hated Victoria even more.


A guy like that, she could send him to death a hundred times with one hand.


Maximilian's eyes were red at this moment, and his cold eyes stared deadly at Mollie as he asked in a deep voice.


“You're Mollie?”


This woman should die!


Mollie raised her eyebrows upwards and said in a domineering tone.


“It's me, I'm Mollie, the investor of Yunsheng Pharmaceutical. What? Do you still want to take revenge for your wife? Oh, why don't you even look at what kind of status you are in? I'm afraid you don't know that your wife cuckolded you to get the deal with Graham Group. She's a hypocritical whore and you're a wimp. What a perfect match!"


Mollie thought a man would be angry when he heard that his wife had cuckolded him, right?


She just wanted to throw dirty water on Victoria and ruin her reputation.


Victoria's eyes were filled with tears when she shook her head, choking on a sob, and said urgently,


"I didn't! Maximilian, don't believe her......"


Naturally, Maximilian wouldn't believe what Mollie said, as he got the cooperation for Victoria.


He turned his head, looked tenderly at Victoria, and said, "I believe you."


It was this phrase of believing in you that made Victoria realize that Maximilian had been silently supporting her behind the scenes in the first place.


Suddenly, Maximilian grinned coldly and went up to kick Mollie violently in the stomach under the eyes of the crowd, which made her staggering and dropping her butt to the ground!


Oh! Everyone was stunned at this moment!


Right now, the entire office area went silent!


Cadence stared at Maximilian dumbfounded with her mouth open wide in total disbelief about what had just happened in front of her.


Was Maximilian crazy?


He even dared to kick Mollie!


Victoria was over, and she was completely over!


This time Victoria was afraid that she wouldn't be able to stay in the company, and even Maximilian would be dead!


But, the next second, a cold smile bloomed at the corner of Maximilian's mouth as he slowly stepped forward and walked up to Mollie, grabbed her long wavy hair and yanked her up from the ground.



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