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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 75

How arrogant he was!


He, Maximilian, was just a waste and a son-in-law of the Griffith family, what qualifications did he have to say such big words? He was stupid! Mollie's face was full of disdain.


She had now made a decision in her heart that she would definitely make Maximilian pay a painful price today, and moreover, she would drive this bitch Victoria out of this company! This company had to be Franklins.


Mollie would not allow such a humble woman to steal Franklin's position as Vice President.


At this moment, Cadence was standing beside Victoria, and the way she was looking at Maximilian now was filled with the adoring gaze of a young lady. He was so strong!


Just now, Maximilian’s words and actions were simply boyfriend-worthy!


She thought he was a softy who couldn't do anything, but she didn't expect that he could be so tough for Victoria!


But, Maximilian was too brainless to hit Mollie, who was the daughter of the Waldon family of H City, and her brother was even the famous Cole of H City! He followed Master Phillip around and gained a lot of compliments from Master Phillip.


Who was Master Phillip?


He was the Phillip of H City!


Rank first among the Four Underground Masters!


In one word, the whole of H City would have to shake in his existence.


How to handle it?


Cadence was torn inwardly while constantly thinking of ways to deal with it, and felt anxious for Victoria.


She was even ready to call the police.


And at the same time, Maximilian took out his phone and sent a text message.


Meanwhile, in the office area, a number of colleagues began to chat incessantly.


“Crap! This Maximilian is too raw, and he even dares to hit Mollie, who is an investor, he is finished!”


“This Loser, he really thinks of himself as someone important! Mollie's brother is Cole,one of Master Phillip's men. Who dares to mess with him?"


"You are right, he had to force his way out and cause trouble. Let's see what he does next! I'm afraid Vice President Victoria will be out of luck too."


These bystanders, at the moment, were staring at Maximilian's every move with great anger.


This rash man who dared to hit someone in the company, was undoubtedly giving them trouble.


If the chairman called them to probe into the matter, they would all have to go down with him.


Franklin thought about it, and came hurriedly at this moment while pretending to be angry and concerned, and asked.


“Mollie, what's going on? I've only been gone for a while, how did this happen?"


When Mollie saw Franklin running to herself, she immediately looked like a little girl, held her mouth, pointed at Maximilian and shouted.


“Franklin, take a look, this is the Loser who gave me a beating, you must teach him a good lesson!”


Franklin burst into a rage and angrily pointed at Maximilian and roared.


“Maximilian, you've simply turned against me! Mollie is an investor of our company, who are you to hit her here? You are unbridled, simply unbridled! I want you to apologize to Mollie right now!”


Mollie was also arrogant in this case, and spoke in a commanding manner.


“No, his apology won't work, because I'll never let him go! If he dares to hit me, I'll make my brother break his hand!”


Maximilian, however, shook his head indifferently, as the woman acted recklessly and blindly. He was afraid that she didn't even know what would happen next.


The Waldon family?


Ah ah! No one who I want to move to can take a break from me!


Since you had forced my action, I wouldn't be blamed for being ruthless.


While seeing that Maximilian still dared to shake his head, Franklin became angry now and shouted angrily.


“Fuck! Maximilian, what kind of attitude and expression is that? What? Do you even want to beat me too?”


Damo it!


Last time when Maximilian beat himself up, Franklin still hadn't found a chance to pay him back, but to his surprise, this time he brought it himself!


It was just in time to solve Maximilian and Victoria's problems once and for all.


When something like this happened, Victoria didn't even have to think of her position as vice president anymore.


Maximilian, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to stay with the Griffith family.


When he beat Mollie, he would beat the face of the Waldon family in H City!


"Get out of the way! Get out of the way!"


Suddenly, at the door, Cole barged in with seven or eight sturdy men.


Once he entered the company, he was so full of frost and fury that he startled everyone into retreating.


They knew Maximilian and Victoria were finished!


Cole was here!


Franklin wanted to go up and shake hands, but he was directly pushed away by Cole's glare while saying.


“Get out of my way. Who dares to hit my sister? Get your ass over here!"


A roar that buzzed throughout the office.


“Brother, you're finally here, look at my face, what kind of beating I've gotten? I just had my eyelids pulled and they're all open, you must find justice for me!"


When Mollie saw Cole coming, she immediately pounced over while looking like an aggrieved victim.


Cole took a look at his sister, who was beaten heavily and immediately said with distress,


"Sister, don't cry, I'm coming over right away, don't worry now. If he dare to touch my sister, I'll make his life worse than death!”


After saying that, Cole's face turned cold and he looked angrily at the surrounding onlookers and roared.


“Whoever hits my sister, stand up for yourself!”


Huh! Everyone's eyes fell on Maximilian at this moment.


Franklin immediately stood out and pointed at Maximilian while saying.


"Brother Cole, this bastard.”



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