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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 79

In an instant, the crowd in the conference room spoke up, and it was obvious that everyone meant to agree with Grandpa Samuel's suggestion.


Franklin was happy to see this scene, as the big picture had been decided!


Meanwhile, at the entrance of Yunsheng Pharmaceutical Company, Victoria and Maximilian had just arrived.


Victoria was about to rush inside, and Maximilian was a few steps behind, walking slowly and not panicking at all.


However, before Victoria could enter the company, she was brutally pushed out by three security guards.


“Vice president Victoria, I'm sorry, you are no longer a member of the company. At the meeting just now, the chairman decided to remove you from the vice president position and fire you at the same time."


One of the guards said with a cold face.


She was a vermin who was causing trouble in the company now.


If members of the Waldon family really came, then they would definitely go down with her.


Upon hearing this, Victoria's entire body was dumbfounded, and she shouted,


"Did Grandpa really do that? I don't believe it, I'm going in!”


After that, she rushed inside.


The guards gave a direct and violent shove and bellowed.


“Barge in again and we'll be unkind to you!"


Victoria stepped on her high heels, and when she didn't stand firmly, she directly leaned her entire body backward.


Fortunately, Maximilian ran over in time and wrapped his arm around Victoria's small back and asked nervously, "Are you okay?”


Victoria stood firm, shook her head, and with a face full of urgency, she said,


"I'm fine, Maximilian, Grandpa removed me from the VP position and fired me again.’


When Maximilian heard this, his face turned cold. He glanced angrily at the three security guards, and said in a cold voice.


“Apologize to her! Now!”


They dared to push Victoria! If she fell down the steps, he couldn't imagine what would happen to her!


They were just a few security guards, and they had learned to be a dog counting on its master's backing and turning their back on old associates!


The security guards took a look at Maximilian and snorted coldly while saying


"Oh, I wondered who it was, it turned out to be the wimp Maximilian, what? Look at you like this, do you still want to have a fight with us?!”


The tall, thin guy leading the group waved the riot baton in his hand and looked at Maximilian with a mocking face.


The other two snickered and said, "Maximilian, don't think it is just because you're the son-in-law of the Griffith family, we won't dare to do anything to you.


You're known to everyone in H City as a waste living off a woman, and a five-year-old child would know to be ashamed of you!"


"Vice President Victoria, you shouldn't make things difficult for us either. The chairman said that if you want to go in, you have to kneel at the gate and wait until the Waldon family's car arrives.”


Facing with their arrogant attitude, Maximilian's face sank, and he clenched his fist and was about to rush up with a flash of anger in his eyes.


Victoria hurriedly pulled Maximilian and shook her head at him.


"Don't make any more trouble.”


Maximilian's eyebrows twisted and pressed Victoria's hand while saying.


"Good people tend to be bullied, don't you understand?”


Victoria froze, and following that, she saw Maximilian turn around and slam his fist directly into the face of the security guard who had pushed her!




Instantly, a fist collided with a nose bone!


The security guard who was leading the group felt like he had suffered a heavy blow of iron to his face, his nose bone was directly broken and blood was shooting out from his nose !


“Ah! My nose, my nose, how dare you......do it to me! Hit him for me, hit him!”


The guard cried out miserably as he covered his blood-soaked nose.


Instantly, the two remaining security guards raised their riot batons and slammed them viciously toward Maximilian's body!


However, Maximilian struck faster than them!




The two figures flew out backward and crashed directly into the glass doors of the entrance with a boom while cracking the glass of both doors!


Maximilian deliberately controlled the force of the two kicks.


The young master of the Dragon Sect was not incompetent!


Dragon Sect had its world-wide superb fighting masters and kung fu coaches.


Maximilian, who had trained in martial arts since childhood and learned all the fighting and killing techniques in the world, was naturally easy in dealing with a few security guards.


The security guard, who was covering his bloody nose at this moment, saw this scene and his whole body panicked!


This was not a fucking wimp. This was a brute of a bull!


Two fucking kicks sent his men flying!


In a moment, he just trembled on his legs, raised the riot baton in his hand, pointed at Maximilian who was walking toward him, yelling,


"Don't you come any closer, don't you come any closer...”


Victoria, who was behind him, had a face full of astonishment at this moment, as she couldn't believe that Maximilian actually had such a skill.


In four years, she had never seen Maximilian make any move.



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