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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 80

Dylan took his son and daughter immediately trot toward the door.


Franklin, who was arguing with Victoria, raised his eyebrows at this moment. When he saw the visitors, anger on his face immediately transformed into a complimentary smile as he stepped forward to greet them


"Uncle Waldon, you're here.’


With a shout, Franklin's glance fell on Victoria with a sneering and teasing look in his eyes.


Since Dylan was here, Victoria and Maximilian were definitely finished!


Franklin extended his hands and tried enthusiastically to shake hands with Dylan.


Dylan, the head of the Waldon family, was considered as the leader of a second-rate powerful family in H City, not inferior to that of the Griffith family.


And, again, he was an investor in Yunsheng Pharmaceutical, Franklin must be cautious to deal with him.


However, in the next second, Franklin froze in place.


Dylan directly ignored him, passed in front of him, rushed to Maximilian with a smile on his face, handed out his hands, and said with a very humble smile.


"Mr. Maximilian, I'm sorry, I've come to make amends to you personally.’


This scene left Franklin, the crowd including Victoria, stunned!


Mr. Maximilian?


It was okay that Dylan ignored Franklin, but now he was actually making amends to a loser like Maximilian?


What the fuck was going on here?


Franklin had shock written all over his face with his eyes wide open with shock. He was unable to accept the current situation in front of him.


Victoria was even more surprised as her mouth opened slightly while looking at Dylan incredulously before her eyes fell on Maximilian again.


Dylan actually bowed down to Maximilian and apologized?


What was going on here?


Maximilian also shuddered slightly with his eyebrows knitted and his eyes slightly chilled.


This substantial gaze landed on Dylan, scaring the latter into a jolt!


Abruptly, he remembered what Connor Davies had said earlier, Mr. Maximilian did not like high profile......


He was screwed!


Dylan exclaimed in his heart with his head spinning rapidly, and immediately put his hand out to Victoria while apologizing.


"This is Vice President Victoria, right? I'm sorry I'm late! I've come to make amends for my son and daughter.”


Upon seeing Dylan turning his face to her, Victoria froze for a moment, followed by a slightly panicked look as she reached out to shake hands with Dylan and said,


"Chairman Waldon, what are you doing here?”


The crowd exhaled, while trying to forget the scene they had just witnessed.


Franklin squeezed out a smile and came over.


“Uncle, what are you doing? Why are you apologizing to her? We are reprimanding Victoria and making her apologize to you.


My grandpa decided to revoke Victoria's position as a vice president, and at the same time kicked her out of Yunsheng Pharmaceuticals, hoping that the friendship and cooperation between our two families would not be affected by the stupid things she did.”


Franklin didn't understand, was it said that Dylan came here to look for trouble?


Why would he bow his head to Victoria and ask for forgiveness.


While he looked at Cole and Mollie again, the two were standing to the side at the moment, not saying a word.


Mollie, who had always been arrogant and impatient, was actually standing in place at this moment with her face full of worries and panics.


And over here, after hearing Franklin's words, Dylan's neck went cold and his body was covered in cold sweat as he asked in a loud voice.


"What? Did you fire Vice President Victoria? No way, absolutely no way!"


Dylan shouted and immediately turned to Franklin with a cold face and said,


“Take me to your grandfather!"


Franklin froze and wanted to say something, but when he came into contact with Dylan's gaze, he could only bow and say, "Uncle, come with me”


Dylan looked back at Victoria, his eyes fell unnoticeably on Maximilian who was on the side, and smiled at Victoria.


"Vice President Victoria, don't worry, this matter is caused by my daughter. I will definitely give you an explanation, and I also hope you won't blame my daughter and my Waldon family.”


Victoria was still dumbfounded and frozen at the moment, and she hurriedly shook her head and said,



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