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In My Desperate Time novel Chapter 11


I know who did this!


Nobody would do a crazy thing like this except Andrew Malan!


He already knows my address. If I continue to stay here. I don't know what else crazy things he can do.


But I just paid the rent for half a year. There is already no much money left, why does he keep persecuting me!


I open the door with trembling hands, being afraid that Andrew Malan would appear here. But fortunately, no one inside.


I relieve. Then I call the lawyer to find out how the divorce is going.


The lawyer only says that it is okay. But I don’t know what that means.


Unexpectedly, next day the lawyer comes to my apartment and says that I can mediate now.


Unless there is no other way, it is better to meditate personally for a divorce case.


Seeing Andrew Malan again, He is thinner than before. Of course it is not because of me.


He looks at me and sneers. Susan Felton stands beside him.


I ignore him and walk in all the way through.


Andrew Malan also invites a lawyer. He offers the conditions to divorce.


The house is bought by Andrew Malan before we married. I couldn't get a brick of it. But I don’t want it anyway.


For postnuptial property, I couldn't get a penny. Also I don't care.


But I am not happy to bear the debt up to 900 thousand dollars.


What's more ridiculous is that he demands me to pay his medical bill of ten thousand dollars, and it must be paid off within three months.


“Fuck you ten thousand! I have nothing to do with your impotence!” I yell at him.


His lawyer frowns and says, “Ms. Noyes, please pay attention to your manner to my client.”


Andrew Malan stays calm and takes it easy.


He knows I am desperate to divorce him, so he just wants to push me in the corner.


“Either you agree on my conditions, nor you can wait for an automatic divorce after two-year separating. It’s up to you. It's all right with me.”



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