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In My Desperate Time novel Chapter 5

Andrew Malan abuses and yells at me ignoring others. People around start to point fingers at me and make judgement. I have never been so ashamed in my whole life.

I see Amy Jenkins standing there trying to help me, but she is afraid of Andrew Malan and Susan Felton and doesn't dare to come up.

I really get fed up with this kind of life!

I push them away with all my forces and yell, “Andrew Malan! I will divorce you!”

“What? Divorce? Let me tell you, no way!” Andrew Malan pulls my hair and bumps against the table over and over again.

“Divorce huh? You want to divorce?”

It pains at first. Then I have gone numb along with my heart.

“What are you doing?! Who are you! Why come here and make trouble!”

The policeman comes. Andrew Malan finally loosens his grip and throws me on the ground. My body and face are all covered with blood. I look terrible.

I look at Amy Jenkins and she winks at me. It is she who calls the police. I nod to her gratefully for not letting me be beaten to death.

“Sir, we are couple and just had a disagreement, not a big deal.” Andrew Malan smiles rascally and changes to his hypocritical face.

Screw you couple disagreement!

I glance at Andrew Malan and all grievance flood over me.

I sit on the floor and cry out loud. I touch my wounds and scream for pain. Things have come to this situation and I won't go easy on him.

The policeman couldn't watch and helps me to stand up. He asks me whether I need go to hospital.

“Just slightly injured, what could happen to her?” Susan Felton gives me a mean look disdainfully.


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