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My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris) novel Chapter 50

However, in the living room, Morris Cheal did not see Vivian. He immediately rushed into the bedroom.

However, Vivian was not in the bedroom. In the end, he found that the bathroom in the bedroom was firmly blocked.

Morris Cheal shouted, "Vivian? Vivian?"

The man shouted and kicked open the bathroom door with his foot. He used the flashlight on his mobile phone to take a look. As a result, he saw Vivian lying on the ground in the bathroom.

Morris immediately rushed over and covered Vivian with his wet suit. Then, he took Vivian to ran out quickly.

Issac stood in the corridor, and he thought Vivian was already dead. When he saw Morris carrying Vivian out of the corridor, he felt shocked and stared at Vivian incredulously.

"Vivian? Vivian?"

Issac called her a few times, but he didn't get any response.

Morris carried Vivian downstairs and sent her to the ambulance. Then, Issac was stopped by the medical staff outside the ambulance.

Morris accompanied Vivian in the ambulance. Under the light of the car, he realized that Vivian's feet and arms was scalded and half of her waist-length hair was burned.

Because Vivian inhaled a large amount of smoke, she fell into a coma.

After being sent to the hospital, she was sent directly to the emergency room for rescue.

Half an hour later, Vivian woke up.

No, she did not wake up naturally, but was shocked to wake up from her dream.

"Ah, help..."

She shouted and sat up in shock, sweating with fear.

However, because of the severe pain in her wound, she took a deep breath.

"You're awake?"

"Vivian, you're awake?"

Two voices rang out beside her ear, and Vivian saw Morris and Issac standing by the bed.

Issac's clothes were neat, while Morris clothes were messy, and his face was even covered with carbon ash. He looked completely different from his image in his daily life.

She recalled the shout she heard in the bathroom at that time. Sure enough...

It was really Morris.

She heard right!

However, why did he suddenly appear?

Although Vivian was puzzled, she feigned ignorance.

"Why are you here? Who saves me?" She asked weakly.

When she mentioned who saved her, the joy on Issac's face disappeared in an instant. Issac couldn't help but look at Morris.

At that moment, Issac's eyes were complicated.

appreciation, surprise, worship, jealousy...

Issac fell silent.

In Houston, everyone knew that Morris was cruel, cold-blooded, and heartless.

But When Issac saw Morris rush into the fire regardless of everything, he understood...

Morris cared about Vivian, and even... He loved Vivian.

He boasted that he also liked Vivian, but in the face of the thick fire, he did not rush in immediately.

Perhaps, he thought that Vivian already died in the fire. Perhaps, he did not dare to rush into the fire because he was afraid that he would die. Or perhaps, there were other reasons...

In short, Issac did not rush into the fire.

But when he saw Morris carried Vivian out of the sea of fire like a hero, a complicated emotion surged into his heart.

That feeling was like something being pulled out of his body, making him clearly feel a pain.

"Who kidnaps you?"

Morris did not answer Vivian question. Instead, he went straight to the point.


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