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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 136

I am not angry, looking at Fan Yu, "do you want him to see Qin Jiameng? No, let's go. "

"You..." Fan Yu was staring at me. Her eyes were almost full of fire, but in the final analysis, it was Qin Jiameng who was important!

She just thought about it and said, "look! But only Mr. Ji, you can't go! "

In fact, from Fan Yu's address to Ji Qingxuan, I think they have long recognized the reality.

Otherwise, it can't be called Mr. Ji Qingxuan.

"I'm going too." I said this sentence looking at Ji Qingxuan.

Speaking, the arm tightly holding the man's right hand, pouting, a little coquettish meaning.

"Well, I'll take you." Ji Qingxuan looked at me, eyes full of doting.

Fan Yu saw everything in her eyes, and her eyes were almost angry.

But what does that have to do with me?

I just want to see what medicine Qin Jiameng sells in gourd.

In this way, Ji Qingxuan and I finally entered Qin Jiameng's ward.

In the ward, Qin Jiameng's head is wrapped with bandage and sits quietly on the bed.

When we went in, her face was looking out of the window, her hair was scattered, and she was wearing a white hospital uniform.

How to say?

Clean and beautiful.

The whole image is like what I saw on my first day home from the orphanage.

At that time, I was stunned and began to doubt whether she really lost her memory?

"Mengmeng, Mr. Ji is here."

Fan Yu stood beside us and called for her.

At the same time, she tugged me hard, and dragged me away from Ji Qingxuan, so that I could no longer hold him.

When I want to pull back, Qin Jiameng has turned her head and saw Ji Qingxuan, with a slight frown on her thin eyebrows. A pair of apricot eyes are a little dense, and she says, "I'm sorry, Mr. Ji, it's all my fault."


Ji Qingxuan didn't speak.

Qin Jiameng continued, "it's all my fault that I had a car accident and delayed our wedding. I hope you don't blame me."

As soon as she spoke, I decided that she must have been a fake amnesia.

First of all, she remembers Ji Qingxuan, which is definitely not complete amnesia.

Even if it's selective amnesia, her memory is not right.

At the beginning, she cheated me to get married instead of me. Now how did she get into a car accident and delay the wedding?

Ji Qingxuan stood in situ and looked at her indifferently, and said, "you have lost your memory. That's the past few years."


His words stunned Qin Jiameng.

She looked at Ji Qingxuan, her eyes were round, and she didn't seem to understand what he was saying.

Seeing this, Fan Yu pulls Ji Qingxuan, "Mr. Ji, we haven't told Meng Meng yet. I'm afraid it will stimulate her. Can you cooperate with me..."

"With what?"

Maybe it's really the past few years that have polished Ji Qingxuan's patience.

When he heard Fan Yu say that he wanted to cooperate, his face was full of impatience.

This seems to be beyond Fan Yu's expectation. She didn't expect Ji Qingxuan to do this. She hesitated and said, "that's to say it according to what she said..."

Oh, so it is.

I seem to understand something.

Looking at Fan Yu, "Auntie fan, do you think that if you play amnesia, you can erase all the things you have done before and return to their wedding night?"

"What nonsense! Shut up

In a word, Fan Yu will hit me when she raises her hand!

I raised my hand to hold her hand, sneer, "I said broken, angry?"

"Mom, what are you doing? Don't play Jiaqi." Qin Jiameng's face is still the same as before.


Human and animal are harmless.

But after so much experience, how can I be cheated by her again?

"You treat her like a sister, but she doesn't treat you like a sister at all!" Fan Yu's hand was caught by me. She wanted to smoke, but she couldn't.

Qin Jiameng did not continue to say this, but looked at Ji Qingxuan, his eyes were very clear, "Mr. Ji, you just said it has been several years, what do you mean?"

"Literally, just look at the time on your phone."

Ji Qingxuan's attitude to Qin Jiameng has always been cold.

Qin Jiameng looked around, but didn't find her mobile phone. Fan Yu couldn't see it, so she could only give Qin Jiameng a pink mobile phone.

She took a look at the mobile phone, some confused to Fan Yu, "this is my mobile phone?"

Fan Yu nodded.

Qin Jiameng didn't seem to believe it.

But she tried to enter the password, looked at the phone open, and then inside looked at some things, seems to believe that this is her mobile phone.

But the brow has been frowning.She took a look at time and Ji Qingxuan, and asked sincerely, "this So we've been married for three years? What happened all these years? Can you tell me? "

This is the brain circuit.

I have nothing to say.

"No, we're not married." Ji Qingxuan answers truthfully.

As soon as he finished, Qin Jiameng's hand trembled, and her mobile phone fell to the ground, making a clear sound. She looked at Ji Qingxuan, her eyes full of disbelief.

Hesitated for a moment, then asked, "no, not married? Why? "

At this time, I, Qin Jiameng, Fan Yu's eyes all fall on Ji Qingxuan.

It seems to be waiting for him to say something.

The man hesitated for a moment, suddenly pulled me over and held me in his arms, "because your memory is wrong. It was not you who wanted to marry me at that time, but Qin Jiaqi."

"Mr. Ji, what are you talking about?"

Fan Yu was shocked!

He came to me and pulled me out of Ji Qingxuan's arms.

But Ji Qingxuan's strength is very big, she can't pull at all.

Ji Qingxuan slightly looked back at Fan Yu, "since she lost her memory, then shuffle the memory, good for everyone."


Fan Yu's face is full of accidents. It seems that Ji Qingxuan didn't expect to do this!

But I think Ji Qingxuan's practice is very good.

If Qin Jiameng really lost her memory.

So it's good to say this thing to her directly.

"Really Really? " Qin Jiameng looks at Fan Yu with doubts in her eyes.

Of course, there are tears.

It's like she can't accept this reality.

"This..." Fan Yu hesitated and said, "yes."

"You lied to me!"

Qin Jiameng heard the answer and burst into tears.

Tears, like broken beads, can't stop at all.

Her hands tightly clenched the quilt, slightly trembling, eyes looking at Ji Qingxuan, began to bite her lips with her teeth, as if to stop crying.

It seems that no matter how hard you try, tears can't stop falling.

Finally, he gave up and looked at Ji Qingxuan with tears in his eyes. "You lied to me, Mr. Ji. You told me that if you only marry one woman in your life, it must be me."

"Your memory is wrong." Ji Qingxuan continued.

But, I stand beside him, I see clearly, Ji Qingxuan strong pretend indifferent eyes, there are some things in the shake.



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