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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 184

Heartbeat, missed a beat.

I quickly protect their masks, desperately shaking my head, "no, AIDS saliva seems to be contagious!"

Ji Qingxuan didn't mind at all. He put his hand beside my ear and said, "I'm not afraid. If that happens, we'll take the blocking medicine together."

Men's hands around my waist, hot breath sprayed on my face.

Even though I can feel it through the mask.

Until the man leaned over to kiss my neck and put his forehead on my mask


It hurts!

I'll take a breath of the air conditioner.

Ji Qingxuan is scared to get up immediately, "how?"

"My face hurts." I held my hand to my face and looked aggrieved.

It really hurts.

Ji Qingxuan seems to be aware of what, look dignified looking at me, "in the end what's going on?"


I'm silent. I really don't have the courage to tell Ji Qingxuan about my possible disfigurement.

What if he knew.

I don't know what it's going to look like under the bandage right now.

When I hesitated, Ji Qingxuan's mobile phone rang. The man took out his mobile phone and took a look, then went out to pick it up.

About five minutes later, he came back.

Behind him, followed by a man.

He is only about 1.6 meters tall. He is very thin, but from his face, he should be an adult.

As soon as the man came in, he looked around. "Where's the computer? Let me have a look."

I was stunned for a moment.

This man didn't even introduce himself, so he wanted to take my computer.

This emotional intelligence makes me think that it's only men of science and technology.

Ji Qingxuan instead introduced him, "this is Xiaoba, an expert in computer. Give him a look at your computer."


I nodded, quickly took out the computer, although there is no power, but fortunately, there are some own power.

I handed the computer to a man named Xiao ba. He quickly turned on the computer, looked at several system files, and then asked, "in which disk was the hidden folder?"

"E disk."

I answered.

Little eight nodded slightly, and quickly carried out a set of flowing operations. A few more semi permeable documents appeared on disk e, which I had never seen before.

But there is no folder in it.

He glanced at it and operated something I didn't understand. Finally, he pointed to a very common file on Disk C that was not hidden and said, "your computer has been infected by a virus. This virus can download the specified file to your computer when your computer is used and connected to the Internet."

"Where is it?"

I carefully looked at the screen and felt that what he pointed out to me was just an ordinary file.

"It has been deleted. This virus is very deep. It should be that the virus automatically deleted the video file and itself from your computer when you opened the computer last time. If your computer automatically cleaned up this legacy file, it will also be cleaned up as a use mark. In that case, there will be no traces of this virus in your computer."

Xiao Ba explained the principle of this virus to me.

I listen to the misty, but also probably understand, the basic meaning is that the video is gone.

"Well, can you find out who did it?"

Ji Qingxuan asked Xiao ba.

"Yes, yes, but I need to take this computer back."

"How long will it take?"

I look at Xiao ba.

I don't love computers, but we don't have much time.

Xiao Ba thought for a moment, "it will take about two or three hours at the most, but it will take me some time to get back now."

"All right." Now we have to try more.

Small eight with a computer to leave, Ji Qingxuan's phone rings again.

This time, he didn't go out, so he picked him up in the ward. I heard him say, "yeze, how's the investigation going?"

Then Ji Qingxuan's face became very bad.

The hand holding the mobile phone is slightly white.

He didn't say a word, just listened to yeze over there.

After about two minutes, Ji Qingxuan said, "I know, continue to search, to the ends of the earth also want to find her out!"

Hearing this, I seem to have realized what happened.

Sure enough, Ji Qingxuan hung up the phone and looked at me, "Qin Jiameng has gone abroad. Although it's a short-term study tour, it's hard to find people abroad."

I drop my eyes slightly.

The line is broken.

If you can't find out, then you may have to take medicine for abortion in the end.

I'm not reconciled!

Ji Qingxuan saw that I was not in a high mood. In order to appease me, he went to his side, sat on the bed and held me in his arms. "Don't be afraid. I've asked people to check Qin Jiameng's telecommunication records. I think there will be results soon. There are also some black people. The police are also searching for them.""Well, I believe you."

I lowered my head. At this moment, I had no choice but to believe Ji Qingxuan.

After all, with my own ability, let alone 24 hours, even 240 hours, I'm afraid I can't find out anything.

Time goes by.

I sit on the bed with my hands on my stomach. When I think of my baby here, I have hope in my heart, but also despair.

Later Ji Qingxuan kept answering the phone.

However, there is no more useful news. Everything seems to be broken with Qin Jiameng's going abroad.

At noon, Ji Qingxuan asked the servant to deliver lunch. Although I had no appetite, I thought of the baby in my stomach.

Thinking that he still had the hope to live, I still managed to eat all the food.

It's more than 3 p.m. and it's getting closer to 24 hours.

I lie on the bed looking at the ceiling, full of despair when the door of the ward is opened, I tilt my head, see ban Lei come in.

He saw Ji Qingxuan in the ward cold for a while, and then said to me, "Xiao Zhang has been rescued, but I don't know when to wake up."

"Well, thank you, Dr. ban."

I sat up and gave a dull answer.

Ban Lei looked at me like this, and then looked at his watch. He couldn't help persuading him, "you were delivered at more than 10 o'clock yesterday, and there are about seven hours left from 24 hours. Of course, the sooner you decide, the better."

"Ang, I see."

I'm sitting in bed, my head numb.

What to do.

Do you want to kill your child and take barrier medicine?

I'm not willing to.

I look at Ji Qingxuan, tears rustle down.

The man came to me, held me in his arms, wiped my cheek tears with his hands, "don't cry, it's not the last time, don't worry, my people are checking."

"But, in case, in case..."

"If there's no accident, you'll be fine, and so will our children."

Ji Qingxuan patted me on the back.

I knew that he was comforting me. All the things that I didn't see with my own eyes or those black people said by themselves couldn't be the final answer.

When I burst into tears, Ji Qingxuan's phone rang again. The man picked up the phone and listened to the opposite conversation. His face was more dignified than just now.



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