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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 185

When the man hung up, I controlled my mood and asked him, "what's the matter?"

Ji Qingxuan looked at me, frowning, silent for a moment, shook his head, "nothing."


Ji Qingxuan is definitely a person who is happy and angry.

But even he can't control his emotions.

That means it's a big deal.

I stretched out my hand, circled Ji Qingxuan, and put my face on the man's belly, "tell me, I'm not afraid."

Ji Qingxuan was silent for a while and told me, "the police said that they found the bodies of those black people by the river in the suburb."

"They're dead, too?" I could hardly believe that tears had already wet the gauze on my face.

But I still can't help crying.

"Don't be afraid. Even if we don't have children, we can make another one as long as you live." Ji Qingxuan patted me.

I know that at this time, like me, he has prepared for the worst.

But I'm really scared.

I looked up at him, "Ji Qingxuan, do you think Qin Jiameng has this ability? There must be more powerful people behind this. No matter what his purpose is, there is no denying that they are really powerful. If they are not found, what should I do next time they come? "

Hear me say so, Ji Qingxuan's facial expression does not have any change.

I know. He thought about it a long time ago.

The man patted me on the back of the head. "I'll protect you. I won't let anyone hurt you."

"How to protect me? Do you keep me in the house all the time and forbid me to go anywhere? "


When I said that, Ji Qingxuan was silent.

I know. I guess right.

In fact, Ji Qingxuan and I have been together for so long. Now he says that he loves me, so he is good to me in every way.

But if he goes to extremes and controls me regardless of everything, it's not impossible.

"Ji Qingxuan, let me go. I don't deserve you."

I don't want to gamble with my kids anymore.

What's more, I've already decided to give him up.

The man didn't say anything, just hugged me.

After dinner, it's almost 8 o'clock.

Ban Lei came again, "have you thought about it? Abortion can be done later, but blocking drugs suggest taking medicine immediately, more than 24 hours, the risk will increase


I hesitated.

Hand in the belly, the child will go again?

I just learned he's been around for less than ten hours!

Ji Qingxuan knew that I hesitated. He came over, grabbed my hand and said gently, "if the child is gone, we can have it again, but if you really get sick, you will not be able to have a child for the rest of your life."

He's right.

"But..." I look up to Ji Qingxuan, "I can't bear it."

How can I give up?

Ji Qingxuan black eyes also with a thick sadness, but he is still comforting me, "the next child, I promise, I promise that he can be born safely and grow up healthily, OK?"


"Miss Qin, make a decision quickly. Alas, you are not racing against time now, you are racing against death. Children will have it if they want to."

Ban Lei also advised me.

Maybe, living is hope.

I watched the time go minute by minute, and finally made up my mind, "OK."

Hearing my agreement, the two men beside him were obviously relieved. Ban Lei said quickly, "I'll prescribe the blocking drug. Just wait here."

In less than 20 minutes, ban Lei brought the barrier medicine.

I looked at the three pills in front of me, and actually some of them backed out.

At this time, Ji Qingxuan received a text message. He looked at me and said, "eat, one of those black people did have AIDS when they were autopsied."

Do you have to eat?

I look at these three kinds of medicine, as long as you take them, the baby will be gone.

But Qin Jiameng is right. One of those people really has AIDS

If I get sick, I may not have a baby in my life.

When I make up my mind to eat

Ji Qingxuan's mobile phone rings again!

I have a look, it's the Internet phone!

Is it the little eight?

I excitedly looked at Ji Qingxuan, as if to seize the last straw!

Ji Qingxuan hesitated for a moment, but he still connected the Internet phone. It turns out that it was Xiaoba who made the video call.

Ban Lei looked at the situation and said, "well, I'll go out first and come back in half an hour. This can't be delayed any longer."When ban Lei went out, Xiao Ba said first, "Mr. Ji, when I was checking this computer just now, another video was sent from that virus file. I think It's necessary for you to have a look. "


Ji Qingxuan immediately agreed.

My heart is hanging!

Xiaoba switched to the screen with the Internet phone and began to play the video on the computer. I just looked at it and froze!

In the computer, "I" is naked, surrounded by five black people.

And the video is very clear, you can clearly see the details of the infringement.

And the "I" in the video is in a coma with my eyes closed.

My eyes are fixed on the screen, as if to see some clues

"Ka" Ji Qingxuan turned off the screen!

"Alas I look up to ask Ji Qingxuan to open the video, but I find that although the man has no expression, he is like a black cloud.

He picked up three drugs, picked up the side of the water, directly in front of me, "quickly eat!"

The tone is very bad.

Although I didn't see clearly just now, I realized one thing -

"it wasn't me, it was Qin Jiameng!"

Although the person in the video and I have the same hairstyle and color, it's Qin Jiameng!

It suddenly occurred to me that Qin Jiameng was wearing a wig. When I pulled off her wig, she was wearing a hair net. The hair in the net seemed to be black.

Is she ready to shoot this video?

"I know you can't accept it, but I can still separate you from her." Ji Qingxuan's tone is firm.

I was in a hurry. "Can you tell? Can't I see it myself? "

Ji Qingxuan looked at me and seemed to realize that his tone was not good. He took a long breath and lowered his voice. "I know you can't accept it, but I don't mind. We still have a long time to go. You are my wife Ji, and we can have many children. We can have as many as you want, OK?"

He said, trying to hold my hand.

"No, no!" I quickly pulled out my hand, jumped out of bed and tried to explain to him, "that person is really not me. Do you believe me?"

I have not been violated, I can not get sick, I do not want to kill the child!



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