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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 186

Ji Qingxuan quickly stepped forward and grabbed my arm!

Although his eyes are gentle, but the strength of the hand is very big, "baby, don't be afraid, soon things will be over!"

"No, let me go!"

I yelled.

Because I was too excited and moved too much, there was no good wound on my face, and the left side of my face hurt badly.

But I can feel Ji Qingxuan's determination. He really intends to imprison me and let me take medicine.

I don't want it.

"Well behaved, take the medicine, OK?" Ji Qingxuan came forward and hugged me.

"No, I don't take any medicine. If I take it, my child will be gone!" I desperately struggle, patting the man's body, want him to let me go.

But I am a woman's strength after all is no match for Ji Qingxuan.

He pressed me to the bed, took all three bottles of medicine with one hand, and took out one pill from inside again. "Good, just take it, just take it."

"No, the person in that video is really not me. Please believe me..."

I want to continue to say that I want Ji Qingxuan to believe me.

"Well, I believe you. I believe you."

Ji Qingxuan mouth said so, but men's deep eyes out of the sadness, I can feel, but more is cruel.

It's his intention to kill my child!

I know. He doesn't believe it.

He said, holding the pill's hand, he reached over and took off my mask.

I was completely pressed down by him and couldn't move.

But when he took off the mask, he was stunned, "you, your face..."

The man looked at me, as if he had forgotten his purpose, his hand covering a centimeter away from my face, and his expression was full of heartache.

I don't know why he did this to me, because my face was numb because of the roar and struggle just now, the wound split.

I can feel nothing but instinctive speech.

Ji Qingxuan a distracted, my body is loose, suddenly lift legs, directly hit in the most vulnerable place of men!

"Hiss..." Ji Qingxuan took a breath of cold air, subconsciously bent over to protect his own there.

I find the right time to get away from him and run out quickly!

I don't run fast, but maybe God is helping me!

When I came out, I just saw ban Lei come out of the elevator. When he came out of the elevator, he saw that I was a little surprised. I didn't have time to pay attention to him at all. At the moment when the elevator door was about to close.

A flash rushed in!

When I turned around, I saw Ji Qingxuan chasing out, saw the elevator door closed, and stood still.

At that time, I naively thought I had escaped.

However, when the elevator door opened, all my hopes were dashed!

Instead, despair.

Three bodyguards in black surrounded the door of the elevator. When they saw me, they came up to hold my hands.

Behind him, Yetzer stood there.

Seeing him, I said excitedly, "assistant ye, let me go! Please

"I'm sorry, Miss Qin."

Ye Ze apologized.

However, I am not reconciled.

At this time, another elevator door opened, and I saw Ji Qingxuan come down from above and come to me with a melancholy face, "good, go back and take the medicine."

"No, I don't want to..." I looked at Ji Qingxuan plaintively, tears fell uncontrollably, "I swear, I will ask you this thing in my life, if I really get sick afterwards, I will end myself, and will not involve you."

"Not me?" Ji Qingxuan looked down at me, eyes with uncontrollable anger.

I hesitated for a while, or looked up at the man's eyes, "yes, I will take my baby to die together."

Anyway, in this world, there is no one I should miss.

If there must be, it may be Jiang Qin.

But sooner or later, she will meet the people who love her, and she will be very happy.

"That's what you're going to do?" When I thought about Jiang Qin, I heard a few words squeezed out of the man's teeth.

The sound seemed to be wrapped in ice, and I felt chilly after hearing it.

"Yes, that's what I plan to do. Either the child lives or I die with the child."

By this time, I had made a decision.

If the child dies.

I don't live anymore.

Ji Qingxuan winked at the two bodyguards and motioned them to let me go;

then he grabbed my two hands and sneered, "good, very good, very good!"

The man leaned over and picked up my princess. "OK, you want to bet, right? Then I'll bet with you! "

Then he went straight out."Let go of me!" I don't know what Ji Qingxuan means!

However, I don't know why, now he only makes me feel afraid!

At this time, ban Lei also rushed to come over, saw Ji Qingxuan holding me to go out, hurriedly chasing, "what's the matter? Are you still taking the medicine? "

"No more!"


Ji Qingxuan and I share the same voice.

Ban Lei looked at us two, like looking at the different, but later seemed to understand something, sighed, "OK, since you have decided, I don't care, but after the disease every two weeks to do a check, has lasted for two months, if it is negative, there is a high probability of no infection."

It's going to take two months to find out? It's really a tough process.

When I was upset, Ji Qingxuan suddenly stood still, looked at Ban Lei and asked him, "what is the probability of sexual transmission of this disease?"

Isn't it 100%?!

I always thought it was 100 percent!

"Well..." Ban Lei drooped his eyes and thought, "generally speaking, the probability of men passing on women is higher than that of women passing on men, but it is also below 10 percent."

Maybe it's because I'm sure I didn't have a relationship with black people, so I don't think the probability is high.

Ji Qingxuan nodded.

Ban Lei looked at my face, "where are you going? If you don't want to wrap the wound on your face again, it will be convenient for later treatment. "


Ji Qingxuan quickly agreed.

Ban Lei took me to treatment, Ji Qingxuan himself followed even if, but also let the bodyguard in the outside.

In the treatment room, before the nurse wanted to take off the gauze for me, I looked at Ji Qingxuan standing by, "can you go out and wait for me..."

“…… Good

Although Ji Qingxuan hesitated, he agreed.

I don't want him to see my face.

When the man went out and the nurse took off the gauze for me, I knew that my face was broken and bleeding, and the blood mixed with the gauze, which was very painful.

My hands clenched into fists, teeth biting lips, but tears just can't hold down.

I didn't like to cry before, because it's useless.

But it has changed a lot recently.

When the nurse took off the gauze for me to apply medicine, I hesitated for a moment and asked, "nurse, do you have a mirror? I I want to see my face. "



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