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Stay Around You Now And Forever novel (Hunter Jackson) novel Chapter 65

Chapter 65 She Wanted to Check It More Seeing Others Trying so Hard to Stop Her

Emily Gale wore a beautiful dress, but she didn't have any idea about the brand of the dress. However, the sales lady was clear that this dress was CHEMI’s newly released one this year.

If another person wore this dress, the sales lady probably wouldn't suspect that it was a high copy good because this dress was perfect in workmanship.

But how could Emily with an ordinary bag and freckled face afford an authentic dress?

There were restrictions on the sales of the high copy goods in the business area of Bentson City, especially for the high copy goods of a top luxury brand. The sales lady was confused about why these high copy goods were still on sale.

Once the Commercial Bureau investigated the illegal sales of such high copy goods, the stores would be fined heavily!

Every bag in the brand store cost hundreds of thousands RMB. Such high copy goods weren't allowed to be sold in the brand store.

If the authentic bags in the brand store were accidentally damaged by the customers who couldn't afford to pay for the damages, these sales ladies would be in trouble.

Emily looked inside and stared back at the sales lady. Emily pursed her lips, “Aren't there many customers shopping inside?”

Why did you close the store before 7 pm?

It seemed that the sales lady didn’t allow Emily in because Emily had an ordinary bag, rather than a top luxury bag.

“They will leave soon.” The sales lady stopped Emily from entering the brand store.

Emily took a step forward. “Well. When everyone leaves, I would also leave.”

The sales lady took a step back but still stood in front of Emily. “Miss Gale, the store is going to close. Please...”

Emily stepped in and the sales lady failed to stop her.

The manager serving the customer turned around and frowned when the manager saw Emily's bag.

The sales lady couldn't help but walked over to the manager. The sales lady muttered and whispered, “I couldn't stop her from entering.”

“Beware. Don't let her steal anything in passing.”

The manager confessed softly and immediately rushed to Rosy Jackson who was sitting aside and trying the shoes. The manager said with a smile, “Sorry, Miss Jackson. There were little troubles in the store, but they were settled.”

Rosy nodded. She was still in a hurry and didn't care about it.

Vanessa Jackson on the side suddenly looked surprised and said, “Rosy, it's Emily!”

Emily? Was she Emily Gale who was famous today?

Today, all major online sections in Bentson City were so lively. Sally Cox, Emily Gale, and Amy Winston were on hot search on Weibo.

Vanessa was happy to see Emily and immediately walked over. “Oh, aren't you the campus belle of Bentson University? How was it so coincidental to meet you here?”

Campus belle?

Several sales ladies looked at Emily's ugly face and couldn't help but smile.

Only such an ugly woman deserved the word “campus belle”! The irony was quite appropriate.

To please Rosy and Vanessa, the manager immediately smiled. The manager said, “I am sorry that I didn't recognize you as the campus belle of Bentson University.”

Several sales ladies laughed unscrupulously. And they didn't hide their disdain for Emily at all.

Emily ignored those mocks on her and walked aside to look at the bags.

Emily didn’t mean to come in. She was in a hurry now. The most important thing was that the styles of the bags in this store were so attractive to her after having visited a few stores.

But the price...

Three hundred and eighty thousand RMB, four hundred and eighty thousand RMB, six hundred and eighty thousand RMB. And the bag in the central position...

Emily walked over, trying to take the bag in the central position down.

A sales lady immediately rushed over and said terrified, “Don’t touch it!”

The bag in the central position was the treasure of the store. If this bag was damaged, all the staff of the store would be in trouble.

Vanessa squinted her eyes with her face getting gloomy suddenly.

“Emily, although you are a campus belle, this isn't the place where you can come.”


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