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The Bad Boy's Sweetheart novel Chapter 9


I was still feeding my heart on the piano music sheets and trying out the keys for the newest piece I wrote. The pressure was hard since the winter annual ball was on Saturday and I only had two days to go to practice; it was only Wednesday.


The thoughts of that guy, Ryson, invaded my mind again. He was so mysterious to the eyes with his stony gazes and strict expressions. It was like he never had any fun or enjoyed anything. But I could tell that the piano interested him when he saw me play before.


Closing the piano lid after Mrs. Davidson reminded me it was closing time, I grabbed my bag filled with sheets and a textbook on how to have key control with the steady rhythm that I was studying for the winter annual and Julliard.


"Have a great evening,” I said to Mrs. Davidson politely, she bid me goodbye and went.


With my baby hairs flailing in every direction because of the wind, I walked slowly wanting to smell the woodsy scent and the fresh air along seeing the beautiful hue across the ocean beside the forest.


Out of nowhere, a rugged hand was slapped on my mouth to stop me from screaming and a stinky scent filled the air around me. I tried to bite his palm but he made sure it was clasped tightly on my mouth, pushing my back against him. My lips trembled and my tears rushed down my cheeks.


"Mom, why do you have to go too soon?" The seven-year-old me said as I held her hand on the hospital bed.


"Because heaven couldn't wait for me." She smiled and kissed my forehead.


"Can I join too?" I asked with a pout.


"No, you will at the end but just at the right time." She smiled.


I'm so sorry mom, I was going to join you now before I made my dreams come true.


"Let her go." The voice of an angel was calling out to save me. Through my blurry vision, I saw the dark brown curls and the safe amber eyes. I was going to be safe.


"Ah, Ryson Adams, good to see you." My eyes widened in shock. How the hell did he know that cruel man?


"I'm not going to repeat myself.” Ryson snapped. The wind came faster as my hair was everywhere around me and came on my eyes.



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