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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 37


Hazel was dressed elaborately. The latest Chanel dress brought out her perfect figure. Wearing the light makeup and her hair falling in curls over her shoulders, she was charming and sexy in her high heels. She had an air of a superstar.


At this time, Hazel turned to look over.


When her gaze fell on Rosileys face, she was shocked and exclaimed, “Rosiley?"


"Yes.' Rosiley was checking the camera and looked at her indifferently.


Hazel raised her eyebrows, and said with a sneer, 'Oh, I remember that I'm supposed to be interviewed by another reporter, not you, the popular Rosiley!"


"The reporter is ill in hospital. m taking her place for now. lf Miss Ning is fine with that, lets begin."


Rosiley ignored Hazel's mockery and said straightforwardly. Obviously, Rosiley didn't want to waste time talking to her.


However, Hazel was unwilling.


She turned arrogant and sat down on the sofa opposite Rosiley. She stared at Rosiley maliciously and said, "There's no hurry. I rarely get a chance to meet an old friend like you. Why don't we talk about the old days?"


"I don't think there is any point in talking about the old days."


Rosiley said coldly because she knew very well that this woman only wanted to take this opportunity to ridicule her.


"How can you say that? No matter what, we were classmates for four years in college. Besides, we liked the same man. How come we have nothing to catch up with each other?" Hazel's eyes turned colder.


She did want to deride Rosiley to vent her anger. When they were in college, they were often compared by others. However, Rosiley outdid her in everything, appearance, temperament, family background, and grades and so on.


What made her most resentful was that the man she had fallen in love with turned out to be Rosiley's fiancé and her childhood sweetheart.


At that time, Hazel became a laughingstock, and she blamed Rosiley for that. She couldrt bear the insult and regarded Rosiley as her bitter enemy from then on.


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