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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 39


Rosiley stiffened when she saw him. She was a little surprised, but the next moment, she stopped smiling and walked past him directly as if she didn't see him.


Yunis was also shocked to see her here. Noticing Rosiley ignored him, he looked so embarrassed and couldn't help but call her, “Rosiley.'


Rosiley did not answer, nor did she stop. She did not intend to respond at all.


Yunis was somehow disappointed. He leaned over and stopped her, 'Rosiley, lets talk.'


"I have nothing to talk about with you. Rosiley glanced at him coldly. She bypassed him and walked on.


Yunis didn't give up, ˆ.Just a few words."


Rosiley was slightly impatient, "What exactly do you want?"


Her impatience displeased him. However, he said patiently, 'l just want to say l'm sorry. And Rorey had also gone too far. But can you stop making trouble against her for the sake of her pregnancy?”


"What?" Hearing this, Rosiley couldn't help but laugh angrily, "Who is making trouble? Yunis, you betrayed me without an apology. You even joined Rorey to abuse and humiliate me at your engagement banquet. How dare you ask me to do anything? Why don't you tell Rorey stop making trouble?"


"l apologized just now." Yunis frowned and was annoyed by her sharp voice.


Rosiley snorted coldly, "What a great apology! You think I should forgive you since you apologized, right? Are you dreaming?"


"You don't have to be so aggressive. We can talk peacefully.' Yunis was stung by her ridicule and felt as if his heart was pierced by countless needles. He couldrt understand. Rosiley used to love and obey him whole-heartedly. However, now she looked at him with such icy eyes as if they were strangers.


Yunis got upset somehow.


"I have nothing to talk about with you. It's best to pretend to be strangers if we meet in the future.'


Rosiley didn't want to talk with him anymore, so she just turned around to leave.


She had given up on this man long ago. Now, she felt nothing for him but disgust.


"Rosiley!" Yunis shouted her name from behind, but Rosiley walked faster.


At this moment, a luxurious Maybach sped over from afar and stopped right besides Rosiley.


As the door opened, a tall figure got off.


In a well-tailored suit, this man was elegant. His temperament was extraordinary and his face was just stunning.


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